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How to use RFID for comic cons

Power-Up Your Fan Con with RFID Technology

Comic Cons (or comic book conventions to give them their full title) have become one of the most sought after tickets on the event calendar, with some Cons outselling major music festivals 2 to 1.

The rapid rise of Comic-book Cons are just one reason why an increasing number of organisers have turned towards RFID technology to help ‘Pow!’ the counterfeiters, and ‘Wow!’ their fans… in true superhero style.

What is a Comic Book Con?

In their classic, most simplistic format, fan conventions were a gathering of comic book and cult film enthusiasts – commonly in the genres of sci-fi and fantasy.

comic book convention

But, social media ‘geek chic’, Disney’s (relentless) Marvel franchise and various other spin-off superhero media has given birth to a new breed of super-sized ‘Fan Con’.

With categories dedicated to Anime, Sci-fi, Gaming, Comics, Furry and Horror, there’s an estimated 400 pop-culture conventions in North America alone.

Jump through time to 2017, and these events challenge major music festivals in their size, attracting thousands of attendees and generating millions of dollars in ticket revenues.

When it comes to size, stalwarts San Diego Comic-Con and New York Comic-Con are among the undisputed ‘king of cons’, with some 400,000+ annual visitors between them.

comic con entrance

But, rival Conventions in L.A, Chicago, Calgary, Salt Lake City and Cincinnati have become huge attractions in their own right – further cementing the niche as a behemoth in the live events industry.

The Power of RFID Credentials

So, how do these Comic Cons sustain a kick-ass fan experience during a time of unprecedented growth?

The answer? RFID event technology.

This contactless technology is quickly changing the way in which fans access events.

And, Comic Cons are among the first to realize the true potential of introducing RFID credentials to their attendees.

RFID laminate badges are the kryptonite to the ugly face of counterfeiters.

RFID badge

But, eliminating fake tickets is only the start.

With RFID technology in attendees’ passes, convention organisers are presented with a whole world of game-changing opportunities.

New revenue streams, out-of-this world sponsor activations, and super-speedy entry are all going to impress your fans.

6 Ways RFID Event Technology Is Improving Comic Cons

  • Monitor attendance and keep lines moving quickly

RFID makes it simple to handle even the most complex multi-day events.

It makes re-entries a breeze and even allows you to offer VIP upgrades on-the-fly.

comic convention queue

  • Simplified scanning

Scanning an RFID badge or wristband is 10x faster than scanning a barcode, making it perfect for dealing with large crowds.

  • Immersive experiences between attendees and vendors

With just one touch, there are no limits to how creative you, your vendors and sponsors can be to draw your audience in.

From live Instagram posts, to real time gamification, you and your partner brands will be closer than ever to your fans.

  • Gain real-time insight

RFID gives organizers immediate access to how foot traffic flows.

This allows organizers to flexibly adapt on day two of an event if they need to. You can also see which speakers or areas of the event were most popular.

  • Make counterfeits a thing of the past

We’ve mentioned it before, but RFID laminates will reduce fakes by 100%.

Every embedded RFID tag is unique to each ticket holder, making them impossible to duplicate.

And, if someone loses their ticket or badge, you can easily deactivate and reissue a new one without worrying about whose hands it’ll fall into.

  • Grow your online audience with ease

RFID systems not only help incentivize your fans to share their experience online, but they make it super easy to.

RFID touch points and check-in stations enable audiences to instantly post to their social channels, growing your online reach exponentially.


RFID event technology is changing the way events are operated, for the better.

Using RFID for conventions will help you understand your audience on a whole new level and improve the experience for your loyal fans.

Where will RFID technology and Comic-Cons go next? The possibilities are endless, and probably out-of-this world!


Photo credit: Amy Ever

dali museum wristbands

Dali Museum Wristbands Up Cycled for Art Installation

Unless you’re someone that likes to keep a memento, chances are that when you leave a museum or event, your wristband goes straight in the trash?

Well, not anymore. The Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida has taken a unique approach to its left over paper wristbands.

It encourages visitors to tie their used Tyvek wristbands to its ‘Wishing Tree’, creating a living art installation.

Hosting some of Dali’s most famous pieces, and an staggering piece of architecture in itself, The Dali Museum attracts over 4000 visitors a week, with more arriving when guest exhibits take place.

With such large visitor numbers, Museum staff use custom Tyvek wristbands to validate paid entry, prevent fraud, and protect ticket sales.

A staple of the event industry, Tyvek wristbands are a cheap yet robust method of access control.

Making museum wristbands into art

Thousands of used wristbands go through the Museum on a weekly basis. This means a lot of waste!

With people coming from around the world to visit, The Dali came up with an idea that let’s guests leave their mark.

After enjoying the the galleries, your exit takes you through to the beautiful Museum Gardens; home of the giant Banyan ‘Wishing Tree.

From a distance, the tree is a real spectacle, but it isn’t until you get closer that you realize its branches are laden with old paper wristbands.

What’s more, each band contains a written wish by its recent owner. What a way to end your visit.


While Tyvek wristbands help Museums and other attractions to secure their point of entry, their uses don’t end there.

This is one of the most innovative ways we’ve seen an event or attraction re-use its wristbands.

Not only has the Dali reduce waste, but it has create an amazing art installation that continues to grow with every visit. Dali Museum, we salute you!