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8 Amazing RFID Brand Activations for Events

Whether you’re already established or starting out, brand activations can create a great opportunity to make a big impact in your industry. It’s not new, news that consumers want experiences from brands. They want to feel like they’re part of something and escape the everyday. So, here are 8 amazing RFID brand activations to inspire you. Activations that have compelled audiences to take action.

1. Bonnaroo Festival Social Activation

We don’t like to blow our own trumpet. But we will. Working with AC Entertainment and Bonnaroo co-producers Superfly, ID&C were appointed to produce over 80,000 custom RFID wristbands to be used with a contactless RFID system provided by Intellitix. Bonnaroo organisers wanted to engage their fans in a number of social media-based activations placed around the festival site.

One interaction enabled fans to ‘tap’ their wristbands and check-in at the various stages, update their Facebook status, and upload pictures, which in turn automatically posted the corresponding line-up to their Facebook timeline.

In addition to this, the RFID wristbands were used by fans to gain entry to the festival arenas and campsites, where the use of contactless technology made paper ticket redundant.

The RFID wristbands helped achieve over 1.9 million Facebook Likes during the festival.

2. Tampa Bay Lightning Season Passes & Membership

When the season starts, there’s nothing more important to fans than Game Day. Corporations want super-fans to purchase season passes and they want to help make them feel part of the team. To belong to something. RFID technology was the perfect way to make this happen for Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey team. They gifted season pass holders with team jerseys fitted with RFID technology, giving them a special way to enter events and feel part of the team at the same time.

3.SXSW – IBM Cognitive Studio

During SXSW, IBM needed to showcase their range of cognitive solutions for B2B companies so they created the IBM Cognitive Studio. Attendees had to answer a few lifestyle questions and they were given a personalized RFID bracelet. Inside the studio, bartenders scanned the bracelet and an app displayed a personalized cocktail based on the answers and the array of ingredients.

  1. SXSW – Mazda Transport

For guests needing to get around SXSW, automotive sponsor, Mazda, had the right idea in providing rides. Registered attendees could sign up at the Mazda booth to receive a QR code bracelet to wear for the duration of the festival and receive free rides.

To pimp their rides out, guests could also tweet selfies to receive phone chargers and phone/GPS mounts for their cars. The photos could then be embellished and printed, much like a vintage Polaroid.

Free Sample Request - RFID Wristbands

5. UEFA Champions Festival

Another one from us. Along with Intellitix, we helped the UEFA Champions Festival utilize RFID cards to capture audience demographic information through a series of interactive skill stations offered by brand partners HTC, Playstation, Adidas, Ford, UniCredit and Gazprom. Fans took part in social media check-ins, voting stations, gamification and real-time contesting to compete for top prizes.

This activation helped increased sponsor engagement. This saw 13,000 registered RFID cards with email and Facebook accounts. 7,000 social photos taken. 40,000 emails triggered. 85,000 RFID interactions on site. And over 45 million page impressions online

6. VIP Cashless Lounge

Simple yet effective. Sponsors or brands can make your attendees, VIPs, members, or customers feel special with a cashless bar or VIP lounge area. Integrating RFID technology to enable Cashless Payments makes this experience all the more special.

7.YCWWF – The SavorBand by Event Farm

At The New York City Wine and Food Festival, attendees were given a ‘Savor’ wristband embedded with an RFID chip, so that when they sampled food they liked, they could tap their risk at the kiosk and instantly log what they tried, to find the restaurant later, or look up the recipe. Not only did this help guests remember places to try later, it also gave the event a strong indication on which vendors or areas of the event were most popular.

  1. Range Rover Evoque Test Drive

Range Rover turned the process of booking a regular test drive into a party. Modern technologies allowed them to use RFID cards to hold key information about users, so that they could invite them, check them into their test drive with the tap of a card, and post to their social channels what they were test driving.




Top 10 Creative and Easy Charity Fundraising Ideas

Hands up who’s guilty of making a pledge to ‘give back more’, ‘pass it on’, ‘make a contribution to society’ etc. etc., but then doing absolute diddly-squat about it? It’s not because we don’t want to take time to fundraise, it’s just because…well there is always something that gets in the way. ‘I’m too busy, I’ll vow to do something next month’…next month becomes next year and a new, New Year’s resolution.

Why Fundraise?

We found out the top reasons that motivate people to fundraise:

  • Wanting to support a particular charity or cause close to their heart
  • They are inspired by a person, whether it be a friend or family member, celebrity or leader, which drives them to fundraise
  • To feel good and help make a difference to others
  • To take part in an event and set a personal challenge whilst raising money for a cause in the process

Any of these sound good? What if there were fun, creative and easy ways to fundraise that didn’t impact your time and work/life routine?  Well we’ve been asking around and doing some research to put together a great hit list of ways you can get involved and finally accomplish one of your life to-dos.

Something for Everyone

1.  Bad Dress Day: Get people to come to work or school in bad dress. Think 70’s jumpsuits or bold print shirts with mismatching trousers. Or denim-on-denim…on-denim! Charge those who take part $1 and those who don’t pay a fine(!) of $2.

2. Cake Sale: Easy to organise, everybody can get involved whether you’re baking or sampling, plus who doesn’t love cake? They make for a great social occasion that usually raises a surprising amount of money.

3. Host a gig or small festival: This will take a bit more planning but the rewards will be well-worth the effort. Think festival vibe in a pub garden with local bands, hay bales and kegs of beer. Donate proceeds from ticket sales and sell commemorative awareness charity silicone wristbands/merch to raise extra cash.

4. Auction: One’s trove is another man’s treasure, so grab that box of random stuff clogging up your cupboard, ask your colleagues to do the same and voilà! You have a charity auction.

5. Hair-raising fundraising: Always secretly fancied rocking the Sinead O’Connor look? Now you have the perfect reason! Be bold and Brave the Shave to support men, women and children with cancer. It’s easy to get involved, pick a date and ask loved ones to sponsor you.

6. Clubbercise class: Hire a sports hall or studio and set up a morning rave. Try a theme such as 90’s club classics complete with smiley t-shirts, rave glow sticks and UV wristbands.

7. Host a Vinyl Night: People bring their favourite track on vinyl and play it ramped and amped up on a turntable. Great for rekindling old memories and by selling tickets/food you can donate all proceeds to your charity of choice.











8. Work it at the Car Wash: Take a boring chore and turn it into a fun fundraising event. Use social media to advertise the event to your friends and local businesses, set up at your work car park or anywhere you can get permission for with access to water, and away you go. Make sure to get some volunteers involved who aren’t afraid of getting wet (because they will!)

9. Swear jar: Stick a box at home or in the office and every time someone drops a swear bomb they have to put £1 in there. Easy money!

10. Come Dine with Me: Gather a group of friends and charge a set menu fee at each other’s houses for a different course of a meal. If you’re feeling extra competitive, you can score after each course and the loser has to donate more.


You don’t have to give up a huge chunk of your time to organise a charity fundraiser. Even small-scale events can make a big impact if you spread the word and get friends and family on-board.

Its undeniable that giving back feels good and can be especially positive in a workplace. It gives people an opportunity to engage, bond and work together towards a shared, meaningful goal.

These are just 10 of our top picks for charity fundraising ideas but we’d love to hear yours. Share here and we will pick our favourite.


Whatever your charity fundraising event, ensure you are creating awareness by custom designing your charity wristbands using our online wristband design tool.

ID&C understand when organising a charity or fundraising event you’d want to keep costs down. You can buy or personalise your own Tyvek Wristbands & Paper Wristbands or lanyards, using our free Lanyard Designer to give out at your fundraising event