RFID technology is increasingly prevalent in the leisure and attractions industry. Hotels have used Rf door cards for several years, and now that same technology is being used to revolutionize water parks, theme parks and resorts.

Throughout the United States and Canada, many large scale waterparks and theme parks have implemented RFID wristbands. Disney's MagicBand is regarded as the leading example of how wearable technology can radically change the operation and experience of a resort. 

RFID systems paired with RFID wristbands are helping resort operators overcome a number of challenges:

  • Develop new revenue streams and drive profitability 

  • Control and streamline room access, lockers and guest area control

  • Make your customers happy. Personalize their experience, and keep them coming back

  • Create ambassadors on social media to promote your resort

  • Improve operational efficiencies, backed up with real-time data

Using RFID Systems at Resorts

Convenient for guests at waterparks, RFID wristbands hold many benefits that are making it the number one choice for the resorts and leisure industry. Several key operational improvements, include:

Increased Security
Using RFID wristbands not only takes away the worry and frees up guests from having to carry keys, cash, and credit cards, it also removes the threat of theft and lost wallets and purses. And should a child be lost, the RFID software’s time-based tracking will allow searchers to determine the last time and location the child’s wristband was used.

Improved/Personalized Customer Experience
Each RFID wristband can be personalised to an individual's or family's experience at a waterpark. They can allow access to a particular locker, fast passes, photo passes, let visitors onto rides, and even into VIP areas. They also streamline operations for faster payments and reduce queueing times - making for lots of happy customers.

New and Increased Revenues and Profits
Using RFID wristbands increases the chance of impulse spending on food and retail within a park using their wristband. For families visiting, parents can even set spending and access limits to their children’s wristbands. It also reduces the chance of fraud and streamlines transaction and resource time.

Social Media Marketing
Social media integration not only allows you to personalize a ride or attraction to provide a one-of-a-kind experience for your guests. It also gives them something to share socially with friends, as well as a physical keepsake (in the form of their wristband) that they can take home.

Fraud Prevention
Making your waterpark cashless prevents the chance of counterfeit currency being used. The unique chip number used in each wristband also makes duplication impossible. Should one be lost it can quickly be cancelled and reissued.

Collection of Deep Data & Analytics
Collect intelligent data and analytics on how people use your park, including popular / dwell times for attractions, as well as operational efficiency in your business. This real-time data can be used to streamline and improve the overall experience for future guests.


secure wristbands
100% Secure Access

Non-transferable, custom RFID wristbands prevent unauthorized access and erradicate the possibility of duplication

easy to use

100% Secure Access

increased revenues
Increased Revenues

RFID provides convenient purchasing power by reducing transaction time, resource, and the cost associated with cash handling

increased revenues

Increased Revenues

customer experience
Improve Guest Experience

Faster payments, shorter lines, and streamlined operations contribute to the satisfaction of your customers

customer experience

Customer Experience

rfid streamlined operations
Streamlined Operations

Non-transferable, secure RFID wristbands prevent unauthorized use or access unlike tickets, keys, cash, and credit cards

streamlined operations

Streamline Operations

social media rfid
Amplify Your Resort

RFID integrations will promote your resort across social media in real-time, amplifying your brand to new online audiences

rfid social media

Social Media Integration

intelligent data
Deep Data Analytics

You win learn more about your customers' habbits while on resort and have the power to optimize their experience

deep analytics

Intelligent Data


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