Custom Silicone Bracelets

Our silicone wristbands are available in 3 different custom options: printed, embossed & debossed. Silicone bracelets, also known as rubber bracelets, are commonly used for awareness fundraiser events. It wasn’t until the Livestrong bracelet campaign that personalized silicone wristbands grew in popularityRead more

custom silicone wristbands

Silicone Wristbands

Show me prices for units?
Show me prices for units?

Custom Silicone Wristbands

Although a simple and inexpensive form of marketing, silicone wristbands & bracelets have the ability to create a community of people from different ages, geographic locations and ethnicities who share a common goal, whether that’s supporting the same cause or attending an event.

Here at ID&C, we offer a variety of silicone and rubber wristbands for events that are customizable with your own design in a range of different colors. Silicone bracelets (sometimes called rubber bracelets) are a low-cost promotional product that can help raise awareness for your brand or charity and can also be used to identify children at school or at events.

All of our rubber bracelets are made from high-quality silicone which is renowned for being durable, comfortable to wear and long-lasting. We also have a selection of waterproof rubber wristbands for events to choose from, meaning they are built to last even when they become wet.


Custom (silicone) Rubber Bracelets

Custom silicone bracelets are most commonly used for promotional giveaways, season passes and fundraising.

Create your own designs online with our easy to use online wristband design tool. You can add a text message and personalize with your own choice of colors and logos in a few easy steps.

We offer a range of finishes from printed, embossed, debossed and colour-infilled.

Silicone styles

With a custom rubber bracelet, you’re able to take your promotional activity to the next level. Not only will your wristbands look great, but they will also work effectively to increase brand awareness.

Why Should You Buy Rubber Wristbands From ID&C?

One of the most popular uses of rubber wristbands is in promoting charity campaigns and raising awareness. ID&C was the official supplier of the silicone wristbands used for the famous ‘Make Poverty History’ campaign in 2007 and to this day we continue to be one of the largest suppliers of charity wristbands in the world.

Often referred to as rubber wristbands, our silicone bracelets are made from a soft silicone material which is durable, waterproof and comfortable to wear. These features make our wristbands perfect for children too and we can provide smaller sized wristbands for little wrists.

At ID&C we offer rapid wristbands shipping which means you can get your hands on silicone wristbands in as little as 24 hours. We recognize that your event or fundraiser might come up against a last-minute change meaning you need a quick and efficient delivery time. Select ‘next day shipping’ to take advantage of a turnaround time of just 4-10 business days.

Plain Rubber Bracelets & Silicone Bands

With our selection of rubber bracelets, you’re spoilt for choice with over 90 wristbands to choose from. Our plain silicone wristbands are a simple and cost-effective solution for promotional activity. Whether you want to promote your brand or charity, with a plain rubber bracelet you can use your signature color.

Plain silicone bracelets are a cheaper alternative to embossed and personalized silicone wristbands and will typically arrive quicker as well.

If you would like to discuss your requirements with one of our helpful team members, please contact us on 941.739.6935, email [email protected] or submit an enquiry form online.

Alternatively, browse our range of cloth, vinyl, thermal and Tyvek wristbands.

Design Your Own Custom Wristbands

custom wristbands
Customized Exactly How You Want It

We have a huge range of custom wristbands for events, all of which can be designed to your requirements.

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100% Customized

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Fast Production

We produce most of our wristbands and passes in the USA, allowing for fast production and quick delivery to your event.


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