VIP Wristbands - Why?

Are you planning a concert, festival or event and want to offer a VIP experience for your guests? With a VIP wristband, you can impress your guests with bespoke branding, and an easy way for security to identify those with VIP access..

We understand everyone has different budgets and expectations in mind when considering ticket prices. Some are happy with a standard ticket whilst others are looking for a VIP touch. By offering tiered ticket prices you can make everyone happy.

VIP wristbands provide an easy solution to control crowds and manage access to your event in a secure way. VIP wristbands are common at concerts, festivals and exclusive events where organisers provide dedicated spaces and exclusive access for VIP guests. This means your VIP guests can have a luxurious, one-of-a-kind experience, with access to amenities and facilities that a standard ticket can’t buy.

Benefits of VIP Wristbands:

  • Access Control. With VIP Wristbands you can effectively control guest access to particular areas of your venue. Whether you’re organising a festival, private party or a concert, you can control whether guests have access to a VIP tent, backstage entry or to an after-party. If guests are paying for a VIP experience, they’ll want access to luxurious amenities that aren’t available to standard ticket holders.


  • Exclusivity. By restricting areas to a particular set of wristband holders, you’re creating a sense of exclusivity. VIP guests are guaranteed the best seats in the house to impeccable service and unrivalled hospitality.


  • Crowd Control. You can monitor the number of people entering and leaving an exclusive area of your event. This is particularly useful for security measures but also when identifying the popularity of your VIP areas for future events.

Our VIP wristbands ensure your guests get noticed by staff and guests alike, receiving faultless service from the moment they walk through the door. Not only will VIP ticketing make your security and access control more manageable, but it will also offer a better experience for your guests as they wave goodbye to long queues, less than impressive service and poor viewing spots.

Custom VIP Bracelet Wristbands

VIP Wristbands are commonly used for conferences, exhibitions, hotels, festivals and concerts to name just a few. Not only do VIP wristbands offer exclusivity and VIP treatment, but they also come with a premium look and feel. Our range of VIP fabric and cloth wristbands are made from premium-quality materials that can be custom made to your specifications and requirements.

When customising your VIP bracelets, using our simple wristband designer you can choose your preferred colour, add text, logos and any graphics which encapsulates the personality of your brand or event.

We have a range of wristbands to choose from, including paper wristbands, plastic wristbands, silicone wristbands, RFID wristbands and barcoded wristbands. No matter the type of wristband you’d like to add a touch of VIP to, we can make it happen.