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Custom RFID Cards

Production time: 3-20 days. As low as $0.39 each. Our RFID key cards are designed for use in hotels, resorts, theme parks, and live events that need contactless solutions to manage access and transactions. In addition to meeting industry standards, our RFID cards are compatible with any door locking system, including Assa Abloy vingcard. You may create custom RFID key cards for your hotel, theme park, or event online or contact our expert team for a free consultation and design services.

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What Is An RFID Card and How Does It Work?

An RFID card is a type of contactless card that uses radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to store and transmit data wirelessly. It consists of a microchip and an antenna embedded within the card, allowing it to communicate with compatible devices.

When an RFID card is brought near a reader, the microchip within the card generates a radio signal. This signal is picked up by the reader, which then captures and interprets the data stored on the card. The data can include contact details, website links, or any other information that the card was programmed to hold. For better understanding, check out our blog on how RFID technology works.

RFID Card Applications

RFID Card for Access Control

RFID cards offer an effective access control solution for hotels and event venues. With these cards, guests and attendees can enjoy a fool-proof system that ensures only authorized individuals can access designated areas. These cards can be programmed to grant specific levels of access, such as entry to hotel rooms, conference rooms, or VIP areas. By simply tapping the card on a reader, users can easily gain entry, reducing the need for traditional key cards or physical tickets.

RFID Card for Cashless Payments

RFID cards allow event attendees to link their payment information to the card, enabling quick and hassle-free transactions. By simply tapping the card on a compatible terminal, users can instantly make purchases without the need for cash or credit cards. This not only speeds up the payment process but also reduces the risk of theft or loss. RFID cards can be easily pre-loaded with a specific amount of money, allowing event-goers to set a budget and track their expenditures. With the ability to be used repeatedly, these cards offer a convenient way to make transactions throughout the duration of the event.

RFID Card for Social Media Integration

RFID cards offer an innovative way to promote brands and events through social media integration. These contactless cards, embedded with RFID technology, allow users to easily connect with a brand's social media accounts. By simply tapping their card, they can instantly access the brand's social media profiles or website, and share their experience with their network. The attendees can link their social media accounts with the RFID card and can post event check-ins across multiple social media platforms with just a tap of the card on the RFID reader.  

Advantages of Custom RFID Cards & Wristbands

RFID cards and wristbands provide several advantages to businesses like hotels and resorts when it is necessary to provide secure & fast room or area access to guests or groups.

  • Customer Data

    A hotel can gather valuable information about guests' behavior by using Radio Frequency Identification. Statistics include how frequently rooms and facilities are used, as well as purchasing patterns.
  • Waterproof

    As RFID locks do not have an exposed card slot, they are usually waterproof, making them ideal for areas near swimming pools and beach resorts, for example. Swimmers can use RFID wristbands and cards in the water.

  • Ease of Use

    In contrast to traditional locks and keys, RFID hotel key cards and wristbands can be easily accessed and stored in wallets and purses.
  • Multi-use

    RFID cards and wristbands can be programmed and reprogrammed multiple times. 

  • 100% Secure Access

    Custom RFID wristband keys and RFID Key cards prevent unauthorized access and avoid duplication.

  • Increased Revenues

    Transaction time, resources, and costs associated with cash handling are reduced with RFID 

  • Improved Guest Experience

    Customer satisfaction is boosted by faster payments, shorter lines, and streamlined operations

a hotel guest usuing there writband key card to gain acceess to a rooma hotel guest usuing there writband key card to gain acceess to a room

Improved Hotel Guest Experience with RFID Key Wristbands

When you leave your hotel room, go to the pool, or leave, close the door, and realize you forgot your keycard? You'll have to get your new keycard from the front desk. It's a real pain. Guests feel so comfortable wearing RFID Wristbands for hotel rooms, pools, and spas that they never take them off.

With a wristband, you can prevent the loss of items, such as towels. When your beach chairs or lounge chairs are full, it's easy to identify who should be there and who isn't. The uncomfortable awkward conversations identifying guests are over.

Marketing on wristbands puts your brand in the spotlight. Unlike a keycard, a wristband creates the opportunity to grow your brand, rather than just getting your guests into the room. 

Explore our other RFID products to learn how they can improve the security and guest experience of your event or venue. 

If you ever have any questions please give us a call, or email, We would be happy to chat.

Works with any RFID Door Lock System

How to Design Custom RFID Cards

Using our online card designer tool, you have the ability to customize your RFID cards with your brand name, logo, and other design elements that are associated with your brand. Simply follow the four steps below to personalize your RFID card.

For the first step, select the type of RFID card.

Please choose the type of RFID card you would like to design from the options available: RFID hotel key cards, Rush service RFID Cards, RFID wooden hotel key cards, and RFID smart card wristband.

Next, choose the specifications for the RFID tag.

ID&C offers a selection of RFID tag specifications, including Fudan 1K, NXP MIFARE Classic®, NXP MIFARE Ultralight®, and other options.

In the next step, incorporate logo, text, color, and images.

To customize your RFID card with design elements, click on the Design Now button. From there, you can explore various customization options such as color themes, brand logos, text, and image uploads for your custom RFID card.

Choose the desired number of cards and add them to your cart.

After finalizing your design, choose the desired quantity of RFID cards for your order and click on the 'Add To Cart' button. You will then be asked to provide your shipping and payment details to complete the order. 

If you require additional customization options for the shape and finish of the RFID card, or if you need assistance with designing the card, please reach out to us to discuss your specific needs.

Why Buy Custom RFID Cards with ID&C

ID&C are top manufacturers of RFID cards and wristbands in the US, offering plenty of customization options to personalize our products to your requirements. 

  • 25+ years of experience in providing RFID solutions to brands and events.
  • Trusted supplier of hospitality credentials.
  • Partnered with reputed hotel chains such as Marriott, Hilton, and Ritz Carlton
  • RFID Cards compatible with any door locking system, including Assa Abloy vingcard
  • Free shipping on bulk orders
  • Plenty of DIY customization options 

Please note: For bulk orders, ID&C offers free ground shipping all across the U.S. except Hawaii and Alaska.

a hotel guest usuing there writband key card to gain acceess to a rooma hotel guest usuing there writband key card to gain acceess to a room

Custom RFID Key Card FAQs  

  • What Is the Advantage of Custom RFID Cards Over Magstripe Cards?

    RFID Key Cards provide a heightened level of security to hotels over traditional Magstripe Room Keys. RFID Key Cards are significantly more difficult to clone than their magnetic stripe counterparts, thereby providing ultimate privacy and protection to both the hotel and the guest. RFID technology also allows the hotel to access information pertaining to the guest’s room preferences and offers an added layer of convenience for guests since RFID Key Cards no longer need to be swiped in order to gain entry - a simple wave of the RFID key card near the reader will open any locked door. For these reasons, RFID Key Cards have become a must-have for many establishments as customers demand more secure forms of access control.

  • Are Your RFID Key Cards and Wristbands Compatible With Assa Abloys Vingcard System?

    Yes! Our RFID Key Cards and Wristbands are the perfect solutions for lock card systems requiring access to hotels and other areas. They are compatible with Assa Abloy's Vingcard system, a world-leading RFID access control system designed specifically for use in Hotels to manage room keys. RFID Key Cards and Wristbands provide convenience, cost savings, and enhanced security for hotel rooms. With RFID Key Cards and Wristbands, it is simple for hotels to keep track of customer usage and restrict certain areas as needed. Additionally, RFID technology helps reduce the risk of fraud or other crimes when entering a hotel facility by automatically authenticating valid key cards with the Vingcard system. Rest assured that your RFID Key cards or wristbands will be able to sync perfectly with the Assa Abloy Vingcard system, making them an excellent choice for any hotel looking for secure access control solutions.
  • How Many Custom RFID Cards Do I Need to Order?

    We offer a flexible service and can produce custom RFID cards in batches as small as 500 cards or 100 depending on if you choose our standard or rush service products.
  • How Long Does It Take to Produce a Bespoke Set of RFID Cards?

    In most cases, your RFID cards will be ready to dispatch in four to five weeks, although we can accommodate shorter lead times of 3 days for our Ruch service rfid key cards.

    We can add additional features and chip data to integrate new RFID cards with your existing entry systems, lockers, access control gates, or payment solutions as required. However, extra features can add a little more time to production.

  • Other Names for RFID Key Cards

    Key cards, sometimes referred to as keycards, room keys or RFID Cards, are widely used in places like hotels and businesses. These cards use Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology which allows them to securely verify the identity of keyholders. They have a wide range of applications, including building access control and employee identification. RFID key cards provide more convenience and security than traditional key systems by reducing key duplication, offering increased flexibility for key issuance and commissioning key access and usage tracking. They also reduce costs associated with lost key replacement and replacement for staff turnover or renovations. Their advanced features make them ideal for hospitality management since they can be used securely from a distance and feature customizable programming. In short, RFID key cards offer higher levels of security compared to other key systems, making them perfect for any environment from hotels to offices.

  • Can I Create Custom Contactless Payment Cards?

    Yes! RFID chips can store large amounts of data, with options to link each card to a customer or staff account. The chip will transmit the information about the charge or sale back to your central system or payment solution for fast, contactless transactions.

  • What Can I Put on a Customized RFID Card?

    ID&C can create any design, color, imagery, or text you require. That might be a personal RFID card with an individual’s photo, name, and position, pass cards that designate authorized permission zones, simplified cards for use in leisure centers or hotels, or any other details you wish your cards to display.

  • What Are the Benefits of Personalized RFID Cards?

    Personalized RFID cards are an excellent way to provide straightforward access to buildings, server rooms, secure areas, or access-controlled doors for personnel, security staff and authorized visitors. Keyless, contactless solutions minimize security risks while logging each activity in a data record so you can track foot traffic.
    Each card is printed with your selected design and can either be issued to one specific individual or be created with business branding and logos for repeat use by visitors or guests.

  • Are RFID cards better than NFC Cards?

    RFID and NFC cards have different strengths and applications. The choice between them depends on the specific needs of the use case. If you need longer read ranges, especially for applications like asset tracking or vehicle identification, RFID cards might be more suitable. If you require short-range interactions, secure transactions, and compatibility with smartphones for tasks like mobile payments and digital content sharing, NFC cards are likely the better choice. To learn more, read our article about RFID vs NFC comparison.

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We have a huge range of custom wristbands for events, all of which can be designed to your requirements. 


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Free Ground Shipping on online orders over $100*

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Free Shipping!

Free Ground Shipping on online orders over $100*

*Contiguous U.S. only

Fast Production

We produce most of our wristbands and passes in the US, allowing for fast product and quick delivery to your event.

Customized How You Want It

We have a huge range of custom wristbands for events, all of which can be designed to your requirements. 

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