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Buy Custom Hotel Key Cards, Wristbands, and More 

We are one of USA’s leading providers of hotel access credentials specializing in RFID hotel key cards, custom RFID resort wristbands, ID badges, business lanyards,  and more with options to make eco-friendly upgrades. Upgrade your hotel security & access control systems with ID&C's RFID hotel key cards & wristbands. Our custom RFID products can improve the overall guest experience with secure yet hassle-free room entry, cashless payment options, and more.


Hotel & Resort Essentials

Advantages of RFID Hotel Cards & Wristbands

There are several advantages to using RFID cards and wristbands for security in businesses such as hotels or hostels where it is necessary to restrict or authorize access to specific groups of people.

Customer Behavior Info

With the use of Radio Frequency Identification, hotels can have access to a lot of valuable information about the behaviour of guests. This includes statistics on rooms and facilities that are used more frequently, as well as purchasing behaviour in certain cases.


Due to the lack of an exposed card slot, RFID locks are mostly waterproof, which is ideal for areas that are in close proximity to a hotel swimming pool for example. RFID wristbands can be worn while swimming and can withstand extended exposure to liquids.

Ease of Use

While many guests might struggle with traditional locks or key locks, RFID hotel key cards are easily accessible and can be stored in wallets and purses. Many elderly customers and people with visual impairment can use RFID locks without worrying about fumbling for keys or turning potentially stiff locks with weaker or injured hands.


RFID cards can be programmed and reprogrammed as many times as required. This is ideal if your security requirements frequently change or if you employ new workers who need access to different areas of your premises.

100% Secure Access

Non-transferable, custom RFID wristbands prevent unauthorized access and eradicate the possibility of duplication.

Increased Revenues

RFID provides convenient purchasing power by reducing transaction time, resource, and cost associated with cash handling.

Improved Guest Experience

Faster payments, shorter lines, and streamlined operations contribute to the satisfaction of your customers

Improve Guest Experience with RFID Key Wristbands

As a hotel owner, prioritizing exceptional customer service and an outstanding guest experience should be of utmost importance. Introducing RFID Wristbands to your hotel property is one effective approach to achieve this goal. With features facilitating heightened security, improved cashless transactions, and automated check-ins, these wristbands can enhance the overall customer experience. Looking to implement an RFID wristband system in your hotel?  Check out our RFID room key wristbands or get in touch with our experts to revamp your access control system with RFID credentials. 

Secure Room Access With RFID Key Cards for Hotels

Ensure the safety of your guests with the help of ID&C's unique RFID technology solutions. Widely utilized in various locations across the USA, our custom RFID key cards have become essential for maintaining a secure lock system. Our personalized key cards provide an additional layer of protection for hotels, resorts, large corporations, dormitories, hostels, hospitals, offices, warehouses, secure storage compounds, and building sites. By utilizing RFID key cards, the risk of fraudulent entry to hotel rooms is significantly reduced. The data stored on these cards can only be accessed with the appropriate equipment, ensuring the complete security of the recorded information on the chip.

Why Buy Hotel Key Cards & Wristbands from ID&C?

  • 25+ years of providing security credentials to hotels worldwide

    A global supplier and manufacturer of RFID wristbands and cards, ID&C has been in business for over 25 years, working with hotels, offices, festivals, and events across the globe. 

  • Trusted by business across hospitality industry

    Our RFID key cards and room key wristbands are trusted by independent hotels, leading hotel chains, and hospitality management companies.

  • Assa Abloy Approved RFID Key Card Provider

    ID&C is one of the few companies worldwide to be an Assa Abloy approved service provider for hotel key cards and wristbands.

  • Key Cards and Wristbands Compatible with Any Door Lock System

    We offer Vingcards, encoding specifically approved for Assa Abloy cutting-edge security technology tailored to the unique requirements of hotels and other key control entries.

  • Free Design & Shipping Available

    With our online design tool, you can customize hotel key cards with options to choose colors, door lock requirements, select quantity, upload logos, and add text. We also offer free shipping across the United States (except Alaska and Hawaii) on orders over $100. 

  • Rush Service

    Need key cards and custom wristbands ASAP? We ensure fast production and efficient delivery of hotel credentials with options for expedited shipping.

We Integrate With Everyone

ID&C’s RFID wristbands and passes are designed to work with any RFID system or solution, from any integrator, anywhere in the world.


ID&C Case Study: RFID Key Wristbands Marriott Hotel, Delray Beach

RFID Hotel Wristband Keycards - From Wallet to Wrist

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Need Key Cards Fast?

    Look no further. Whether you need hotel room keys or complex RFID key cards, with our Rush service custom key card printing, you can rely on our quick and efficient service to meet your time-sensitive requests. Whether you choose to design your own key card or take advantage of our complimentary design service, our rapid turnaround times ensure that you can have your custom key cards printed and delivered promptly and efficiently.

  • Explore Our Sustainable Eco Friendly Wooden Hotel Key Card

    Wooden key cards and tokens offer an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional plastic hotel key cards. Crafted from sustainably sourced wood, these key cards are laser engraved with room key patterns, combining eco-friendliness with aesthetic appeal. Moreover, opting for wooden hotel key cards can be more cost-effective compared to printing on plastic cards that may require additional coatings and treatments for durability. By utilizing wooden key cards and tokens, businesses can showcase their commitment to the environment.
  • How Do Hotel RFID Cards Work?

    Hotel RFID cards work through the use of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. Each RFID card is encoded with a unique identifier or serial number. This information is typically stored on a microchip embedded within the card. The hotel's door lock system is equipped with a card reader that can communicate with the RFID cards. The reader contains an antenna that emits a radio frequency signal. 

    When an RFID card is placed near the card reader, the reader's antenna emits a radio frequency signal, powering up the microchip in the card. The RFID card's microchip uses the energy from the radio frequency signal to send back the unique identifier stored on the card. The card reader receives the identifier from the RFID card and checks it against the authorized access list stored in the hotel's database. If the identifier matches an authorized guest, access to the designated areas (such as hotel rooms or facilities) is granted by activating the door lock mechanism. To learn more on RFID technology, check out our blog on how RFID wristbands work.

  • What is the cost of RFID Cards for Hotels?

    The cost of RFID hotel key cards depend on factors such as material used to make the card, type of RFID chip, and quantity of cards needed. Plastic RFID cards are cheaper compared to eco-friendly RFID wooden key cards. Similarly, RFID cards with Fudan 1K chip would be cheaper compared to cards with NXP Mifare Ultralight (+ EV1) chip. With ID&C, 500 plastic RFID cards could cost around $395 to $560 depending on the type of RFID chip.

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Customized How You Want It

We have a huge range of custom wristbands for events, all of which can be designed to your requirements. 


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We produce most of our wristbands and passes in the US, allowing for fast product and quick delivery to your event.


Free Shipping!

Free Ground Shipping on online orders over $100*

*Contiguous U.S. only

Free Shipping!

Free Ground Shipping on online orders over $100*

*Contiguous U.S. only

Fast Production

We produce most of our wristbands and passes in the US, allowing for fast product and quick delivery to your event.

Customized How You Want It

We have a huge range of custom wristbands for events, all of which can be designed to your requirements. 

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