Tyvek Wristbands

Tyvek wristbands (also known as paper wristbands) are a great value, durable and secure solution for any event. At ID&C, our Tyvek bracelets can be customized and shipped in just 1 business day! A secure self-adhesive tab makes application easy, and all of our paper wristbands come with security cuts that prevent tamper or removal. Read more

customized Tyvek wristbands
Show me prices for wristbands?
Show me prices for wristbands?

Custom Tyvek Wristbands

ID&C's Tyvek bracelets are available with a 1 color or full color custom print and are available in our standard ¾ inch size. You can use our Tyvek wristband designer to customize your own paper wristbands or order from our range of plain stock colors.

Choose from of over 20 solid and striped colors, then add your own custom text and logos to create a personalized paper wristband, designed for your event. All of our Tyvek wristbands are printed in the USA to ensure the highest quality and fastest shipping times, with same day shipping available on all ranges.

Tyvek wristbands are suitable for any event, but we recommend using them for events lasting 1-2 days. Tyvek bracelets are popular at concerts, festivals, night clubs, resorts, attractions, theme parks, water parks, arcades, family fun centers, sporting events and more.

What are Tyvek wristbands made of?

Tyvek is made from paper-like woven polyethylene fibres, that are water resistant and highly durable. Their soft qualities make them lightweight and comfortable for both adults and children to wear. 

Design & Buy Your Own Custom Wristbands

  • Security Features
    Ultimate Security:

    We have the largest range of wristband security features including patented wristband locks, barcodes, RFID and holograms.

  • Recycled & Sustainable:

    We offer a wristband recycle program for your unused event wristbands.

  • Need Help Choosing?

    Contact one of our wristband specialists for in-depth knowledge and a tailored quote.