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Highly Specialized 

A combination of Eagle Ticketing and ID&C’s 30+ years of credential management and event industry knowledge.

  • Multi-technology fulfillment capabilities (RFID & Barcode)
  • Custom RFID & barcode credential manufacturing 
  • Custom packaging & print options
  • Secure warehouse and distribution plant
  • State-of-the-art API integration
  • System transparency & dashboard analytics
  • Integrated email communication software
  • Dedicated project mzanagement

All Under One Roof

Custom Credentials

ID&C is the leader in custom RFID, barcode, and non-scan credentials. We have everything you need from wristbands and badges, to lanyards and parking passes

Design, Print & Packaging

First impressions’ count! ID&C can design and produce all your print and packaging, ensuring a seamless brand experience for your customers.

Fulfillment & Shipping

Highly customized fulfillment solutions enabling you to concentrate on your primary operations without having to worry about package delivery, inventory accuracy, or fulfillment operational management.

Lets customize the right solution for your event

  • 10 wristbands or badges per ticket carrier and/or bubble envelope
  • Client Dashboard with analytics and order details in real time
  • Dedicated fulfillment project manager
  • Secure and free pre-event warehousing
  • UID list export and reporting
  • UPS Mail Innovations shiping to any contiguous US address
*Credentials and printed materials sold seperately

All the  “Essentials” plus two custom printed pieces per envelope

Communicate with your fans with customized email copy


Whatever you need! 

UPS premium, international shipping, branded merchandise – we got it covered with a custom quote.

What our customers say

"We love working with ID&C! Each team member has been incredible with their correspondence and assistance during our festival projects. The Sales team, Fulfillment team and last but not least Project Managers are some of the best in the biz! The quality and knowledge of their products is appreciated and something we strive for to help represent our brand. We will continue to use ID&C and highly recommend their team anyone looking to take their event to the next level with world class RFID Technology, Service and Products.”

Works with:

Millions of Wristbands Sold.

We’ve been in business for over 25 years. Lots of people love our wristbands, here’s what a few of them had to say

Save money, make money and delight attendees

Cover shipping costs while generating revenue

When you budget in advance and plan your shipping fees, you have the chance to cover the full cost of fulfillment and add a buffer to generate additional revenue.

Reduction in on-site cost, time and inefficiencies

Advance fulfillment takes the burden off your on-site operations, saving significant cost and time. Your team will be able to focus on other operational needs, and your ticket holders will gain access to the site faster.

Marketing & Fan Engagement Opportunities

There’s nothing more exciting for a fan than receiving a credential in the mail prior to the show. It’s proven that this will create virality on social media in the run-in to the show date, and it’s the perfect chance to communicate with your customers before the show. What’s more, fulfillment materials like carriers and flyers are a great way to display key event information and also provide space for sponsorship opportunities.

Safer, Faster Entry = Happy Fans

Pre-event fulfillment is proven to reduce lines and congestion at ingress points, helping create fast and safe access control. Your fans will love a streamlined entry process and vendors F&B sales will see the benefit of more time onsite and less time in line.

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