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Keep your festival, stadium or place of work virus secure with our products


ID&C offers a wide range of wristbands, lanyards, passes and badges to help create a safe environment in your venue, event or place of work. Most of the products are pre-printed and kept in stock for a fast lead time on virus secure accreditation. If you require a change to the print or wanted to create a custom design please contact us.

Virus Secure Wristbands

Choose from a wide range of wristbands to assist with temperature checks, social distancing, daily entry control, regular handwashing and recognition of exemption from wearing a mask.

Virus Secure Lanyards & Passes

Mask Exempt and Keep your Space lanyards and badges are a simple but effective visual tool to communicate to other members of the public or staff your wishes.


ID&C offers 3 Ply Civilian masks and KN95 masks with next day delivery. We also offer two different types of custom printed facemasks, one design has an adjustable toggle and the other has replaceable filters. For more information on masks please visit our dedicated web page here.

Why buy virus safe accreditation from ID&C?

With over 25 years experience, ID&C has designed and produced millions of wristbands, lanyards and passes for thousands of festivals, venues and work places around the world.
How your mask could protect others

A recent study published in Nature from the University of Hong Kong and the University of Maryland asked 111 people, infected with various viral illnesses (influenza, rhinovirus, and a more-mild coronavirus), to exhale into a giant funnel. Without the masks, the infected people exhaled contagious droplets and aerosols, tiny particles that linger in the air, about 30 percent of the time they were tested. When the infected patients wore a mask, it blocked nearly 100 percent of viral droplets

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How to put a mask on and take one-off
How to put a mask on and take one-off

Always wash your hands first. Don’t touch the fabric part of the mask — that’s essentially the germ filter, and you don’t want to spread whatever germs it has trapped. Use the ear loops or ties to secure your mask and to remove it. The coverage area should go from near the bridge of your nose to down under your chin and stretch about halfway or more toward your ears. Pull the ties and loops so that it fits as snugly as possible against your face. If your mask has pleats, the folded side should be down.

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