ID&C and Brexit


We wish to reaffirm to our partners our ongoing commitment to continued trade, both within the EU and with our other export markets. We will ensure that, wherever possible, our customer experience is not adversely affected by Brexit. So, until we all learn otherwise it’s business as usual!

In order to be fully prepared for the UK’s scheduled departure from the EU on 31st January 2020, ID&C will constantly monitor and evaluate information from the government, customers, suppliers, and staff, to ensure we minimise any risk to our customers and ourselves.

Brexit trade negotiations will continue after 31st January 2020 throughout 2020 and likely beyond, until a final trade agreement is ratified. During this negotiation period it's business as usual @ ID&C.

Our plans are intended to allow for a degree of flexibility as we move forward. The importance to the UK economy of trading with Europe should ensure that UK Government policies are shaped in such a way to not place the UK export industry in a disadvantageous position compared with the rest of the EU. But we cannot be complacent.

To that end, we have achieved an HMRC-recognised accreditation as an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) (Registration No: GB656130940000). This is a status that exists across the UK and Europe. It is designed to introduce measures to secure the international supply chain by preventing smuggling, tampering, false documentation, identity fraud, and theft. The benefits include simplified customs procedures and the possibility of fast-tracking shipments in some cases.

Certification allows ID&C easier access to any facilitation or simplifications that HMRC may introduce in an attempt to prevent delays at Channel ports. It is likely that access will only be granted to ‘Trusted Traders’ and our AEO certification has elevated ID&C to trusted trader status with HMRC.