Custom Wristbands Made Easy

Customize your own wristbands with the ID&C step-by-step wristband designer. Choose everything from the material base of to locking systems bespoke to your event requirements.

 Design your own or we can design it for you...for free

Easy to use design tool
Easy to use design tool

Design custom wristbands in a few simple steps. Choose templates or upload your own design & logos.

Free design review & tweaks
Free design review & tweaks

Our internal artwork team reviews every custom event wristband to guarantee the ideal finish on your order.

Fast production, next day delivery
Fast production, next day delivery

We offer the fastest turnaround time in the USA for all wristband types with next day delivery options available.

Get started creating custom bracelets and wristbands with the designer

Our online custom wristband designer is the most comprehensive in the world. In a few easy steps you can:

- Make your own wristbands and passes
- Customize with security features
- Personalize a wristband with fonts & logos
- Choose from our templates or add your own for a truly bespoke service


Personalize your own Wristband

Our personalized wristband designer allows you to select from a variety of exclusive base materials to incorporate your template with. This includes:
Custom Tyvek Wristband | Custom Vinyl Wristband | Custom Fabric Wristband | Custom Silicone Wristband

In addition to our standard wristband materials, we are also proud to offer eco-friendly alternatives, such as our biodegradable bamboo fabric and lock options. No matter which base you choose, we guarantee a fully bespoke wristband service, perfectly designed and immaculately printed for your event.  

Designing a wristband without the support of ID&C is no easy task. There can be a lot of factors to consider, such as crowd management, longevity based on the length of your event, durability in adverse weather conditions and tamper-proofing. 

With our simple 5-step process, you can alter every last detail of your product, from the positioning of the event logo to choosing from a variety of exciting background patterns. The majority of our custom festival wristbands are available in units as small as 50 and up to 20,000 for wide-scale crowd management.

  Our Wristband Designer has received an average of 4.8 out of 5 based on 1,000+ reviews.


What customization options are available for personalized wristbands?

- Embossed or de-embossed wristbands
- Packaging options
- Up to 32 unique base colors
- Multiple wristband width choices
- Tamper-proofing with loop and barrel locks or metal rings
- Addition of serial numbers, unique QR codes and barcodes
- Interchangeable fonts and logos 

How to make a custom wristband? 

Creating a new wristband from scratch can seem somewhat intimidating, especially when placing an order for a large-scale event. With the ID&C personalized wristband designer tool, you can have products delivered to your doorstep within 7 working days. 

Our stress free 5-step process will help you design the perfect product, from choosing the optimal material base to providing stock logo options. If you have a pre-made design or template already prepared, you can upload the file in the Artwork/Background section. We currently accept files in a variety of formats, including PDF, GIF, JPG, PNG and more.

If you are finding it difficult to come up with wristband design ideas, we have artwork templates available for you to browse through. Additionally, we have an in-house professional design team, who can help with design review and repair before the printing stage begins. If you need help designing your custom event wristbands or have further questions, contact us.

Need recommendations during the wristband design process? Call our friendly team on 941.739.6935 for quick, expert advice.

Take a look at our handy video for a guide to personalized wristband design:

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