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Fabric Wristband (Loop Lock)

Choose a material and width

  • Full color digital print
  • Soft and smooth finish
  • Upload any custom logo

  • Woven textile
  • Festival style look & feel
  • Up to 8 woven colors

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Orange 151c
Tangerine 021c
Red 185c
Burgundy 194c
Sky Blue 284c
Royal Blue 286c
Navy Blue 281c
Beige 7506c
Yellow c
Golden Yellow 124c
Sage Green 580c
Lime Green 376c
Bottle green 7484c
Pink 204c
Cranberry 226c
Deep Orchid 2415c
Lilac 2567c
Purple 2665c
Violet 266c
Aqua 3248c
Turquoise 3262c
Sea Green 3278c
Sandstone 479c
Caramel 174c
Gold 7503c
Cool Grey 8c

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  • Styling
  • Color
  • Metallic thread
  • Alignment
    L C R
  • Size
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  • Nudging
    x I U U

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Customisation Options


+ $0.06 - charge per unit
  • Add an additional layer of security
  • Keep track of every wristband
  • Reduces the chance of fakes

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50 + units 3.99 per unit

100 + units 2.07 per unit

250 + units 1.12 per unit

500 + units 0.84 per unit

1,000 + units 0.70 per unit

3,000 + units 0.57 per unit

5,000 + units 0.49 per unit

10,000 + units 0.42 per unit

30,000 + units 0.37 per unit

50,000 + units 0.36 per unit

75,000 + units 0.34 per unit

100,000 + units 0.32 per unit

Price breakdown

Order charge$

Print charge$

Logo charge$

Serialisation charge$

Soft fabric backing charge$

Barrel lock type charge$

Barrel lock colour charge$

Barcode/QR Code charge$

UV Watermark charge$

Crimper charge$

Security Foil charge$

Double sided print charge$

Width charge$

Clips charge$

Safety Break charge$

Attachments charge$

Finish charge$

Badge Reel charge$

Card Holder charge$

Plastic Badge Holder charge$

Lanyard charge$

Plastic Wallet charge$

Packaging charge$

Tab charge$

Signature Strip charge$

Print options charge - $

RFID Chip charge - $

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