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Laminate Passes

Our laminate passes are made from highly durable plastic. They'll help identify guests and are ideal for VIP guests and backstage staff.
- 100mm x 70mm
- 100% waterproof

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Paper Event Passes

Our card passes are a cheaper alternative, perfect for one-day, indoor events. Made from a high quality card with a gloss finish.

- 100mm x 70mm
- Full color print

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Satin Sticky Passes

Our sticky satin passes are made from an adhesive, malleable material that can be re-applied to clothing and flight cases with ease.

- 71.5mm x 100mm
- Adhesive Satin Cloth

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ID Name Badge

Our plastic ID cards are made to perfectly slide into ID card holders and wallets.

- 850 micron plastic
- Full color print

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Mirror Hook

Our mirror hook passes are cut to hang perfectly from your rear view mirror. An ideal solution for parking management.
- 350 gsm
- Full color print

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Parking Pass / Flyer

Our parking passes are a simple solution for both vehicle management & marketing. This low cost solution can also have added security features.
- Full color print
- Add Security Holograms

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Self Cling Parking Passes

Our self cling window stickers use static instead of adhesive allowing them to easily be removed without leaving a residue.
- Full color print
- 2 sizes available

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