Wristbands and RFID for Hotels

Essential products for the hotel industry

Hotel Wristbands

We offer a range of security wristbands and other essential products ideal for hotels and resorts. With a regular high volume of visitors all year round, it's important to secure your venue and identify your visitors easily.  

Hotel essentials

Paper-style Tyvek and the more durable Vinyl wristbands are an ideal solution for short stay guests or perhaps for internal clubs and events as they are cost effective and secure, with non-transferrable, tamper-proof closures. They can be fully customised to your branding, with additional features available such as barcoding and serialisation for increased security.

RFID solutions for Hotels

We have an extensive range of RFID wristbands and custom hotel key cards that offer flexible access for guests. They can be made 100% waterproof and will withstand the likes of chlorine and sunscreen. RFID hotel room keys, custom key tags and RFID enabled wristbands are Ideal for security access to their rooms, gyms, swimming areas and lockers as well as cashless payment transactions throughout your hotel resort. To read more about RFID Hotel keycards and wristbands check out our blog here.


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Hotel RFID Cards
Hotel RFID Cards

Our Custom RFID Hotel Key Cards feature an embedded microchip and can be used for any RFID or NFC-based contactless event solution such as room access

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RFID Hotel Key Fobs
RFID Hotel Key Fobs

Our RFID key fobs can be supplied in a variety of premade shapes and sizes, also available in bespoke designs on request

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RFID Hotel Door Hangers
RFID Hotel Door Hangers

Available in a hard PVC or a soft version, like the standard Mirror hooks but with RFID technology

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8 Benefits for Hotels and Resorts using RFID

Less time waiting in line for guests, and increased revenues for owners are just two of the well-documented benefits of RFID wristbands. But, there are many other ways to get more bang for your RFID buck.

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RFID Key Fobs

RFID access on wristbands brings a new level of convenience to resorts and attractions industry. Not only can you pay for goods, food and beverages on-site, with just the tap of a wrist. You can also access your room, the gym and the pool, all without the need to carry a multitude of different cards.

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