Design Your Own Lanyard in 5 quick steps

Use our online designer tool to create your own customised lanyard or contact us for a free design service!



Make your own lanyard with our unique, personalised lanyard design and printing service. Customised lanyards are a perfect solution for displaying personal ID cards for security purposes, Event badges for easy identification as well as more personal solutions for keychains. Comfortable yet eye-catching, lanyards can also be used as a promotional tool at festival, conferences and exhibitions.

We understand that organising events such as festivals, conferences and exhibitions; but also managing the operations and logistics of hospitals, schools and businesses can be time consuming, expensive and stressful above all. That's why we have created an easy-to-use, intuitive lanyard designer online tool that in just 5 quick steps, you can create a branded lanyard by choosing a template or uploading your own design and logos.

Quick, Simple & Intuitive
Quick, Simple & Intuitive

Design your own custom lanyards in a few simple steps. Choose a template or upload your own design & logos.

Free Design Review & Repair
Free Design Review & Repair

Our professional design team review all lanyard designs before we print them to guarantee the perfect finish.

Fast & Free Shipping
Fast & Free Shipping

We produce your personalised lanyards within 2-3 weeks and deliver them absolutely free if you order over £100.

Design your own lanyard

The ID&C unique tool gives you the opportunity to make your own customised lanyard in a variety of exclusive materials and colours including full colour printed, recycled materials and biodegradable bamboo fabric.

With increasingly growing public concern for plastic waste, at ID&C we are proud to be doing our part by offering eco-friendly crowd management alternatives, with our Recycled PET and fully Biodegradable Bamboo Fabric options. Regardless of the material base you choose for your customised lanyard; we can guarantee you a fully personalised lanyard service, flawlessly designed and printed for your event.

We recognise there can be several elements to consider when designing and producing an effective product, such as durability, relevant content/graphics and longevity based on the type of event you are planning. Whether you manage the operations and logistics at a hospital, school or business and need a solution to easily identify staff members or guests, or you're responsible for the security of an event, you can alter every detail of your custom lanyard. From the type of clip, size of plastic wallet, logo positioning, artwork, and inclusion of additional attachments, you have complete control over designing your own lanyard.

If you're a business or running an event of as little as 25 people or as large as 100,000 people, you can order in bulk quantities and expect to receive your order within 2-3 weeks.



Industry leaders for personalised lanyards

For decades we have been designing and producing wristbands and lanyards striving to bring the latest innovative and forward thinking products to the market. Rest assured you can have peace on mind knowing our products are produced from quality materials with reliable delivery, excellent service and exceptional value for money.

Personalised Lanyards can be used for a variety of purposes including:

Marketing promotions
Nursing Homes
Sports Events
RFID Cards
RFID Bamboo Keycards

Some of our other personalisation options include:

Multiple lanyard width options
Interchangeable fonts and text colours
Custom logo uploads
Up to 7 varieties of clips
Choice of 5 plastic wallets
Additional attachments (e.g. safety break, badge reel attachment, card holder, etc.)
Double sided printing

We have received an average of 5 out of 5 for Comfort, Ease of Use, Quality, Usefulness and Value for money.

Personalised Lanyard FAQs

How to design a lanyard?

Designing a lanyard can seem quite intimidating, especially when ordering for a large-scale event. The ID&C 5-step process is stress-free and helps you create the perfect product. If you have a pre-made design or template, all you need to do is upload the file in the Artwork/Background section. We accept artwork in a variety of formats, including PDF, GIF, JPG, PNG and more.

If you are struggling to come up with lanyard design ideas, we have artwork templates available on our website. Alternatively, we have an in-house professional design team who can help you with a free design review and repair before the printing stage.

If you require any help during the lanyard customisation process, please contact us or give us a call on 0845 450 7085 for recommendations on everything from template design to optimal accessories for your product.


Whats is the minimum order quantity for custom lanyards?

Our custom lanyards can be ordered in quantities as low as 25 units.


Do you have an eco-friendly option?

Yes, we have our range of ECO Friendly PET Lanyards which are made from a recycled PET material or our range of Bamboo Biodegradable Lanyards

What are the benefits of wearing a custom lanyard?

The main two benefits of wearing a lanyard are security and branding. A user wearing a lanyard can be easily identified within a building or at an event and having your company colours and logo visible also deems your organisation to be more professional.