RFID Cards & Key Fobs

We can provide RFID solutions perfect for cashless vending and hotel access control. Customise entry cards for secure access control to leisure complexes, sports centers, theme parks and hotels. 
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Show me prices for units?
Show me prices for units?

Go Cashless with RFID Cards

Our RFID cards contain an encapsulated microchip suitable for use with any RFID reading device. Our RFID cards and smart cards are made to the same standards as bank-issued payment cards and can be custom printed with additional security features.

I you would like to purchase an RFID smart card, or key fob, click one of the products above, or get in contact with us.

Design Your Own Custom Wristbands

  • Security Features
    Ultimate Security:

    We have the largest range of wristband security features including patented wristband locks, barcodes, RFID and holograms.

  • Recycled & Sustainable:

    We offer a wristband recycle program for your unused event wristbands.

  • Need Help Choosing?

    Contact one of our wristband specialists for in-depth knowledge and a tailored quote.