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Design your own Lanyards, Wristbands and Passes for a complete VIP experience


VIP Lanyards

Create the ultimate VIP treatment with our VIP lanyards, we offer these customisable lanyards with low minimum orders for delivery across the UK. These high quality lanyards provide easy identification of VIP individuals whilst giving individuals a memento of their experience that will last. Browse our full range of VIP lanyards below.

VIP Lanyards

VIP Full Colour Lanyard

ID&C’s unique online design tool allows you to create your own VIP lanyard. Our full colour smooth lanyards have a smooth satin high quality finish and can be personalised with brand colours, logos and a range of different attachments.

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VIP Event Pass

Provide that extra level of security for your guests, crew and event with our customised VIP pass. Available in a range of materials and finishes these passes have the premium look and will compliment your VIP lanyards.

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VIP Wristbands

VIP Fabric Wristband

Our VIP fabric wristband offers a secure solution for identification and access control. With different materials and locks as well as many additional security features available our fabric wristbands are a popular choice for events.

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Create Custom VIP Lanyards

For over 20 years ID&C have been offering a range of fully customisable lanyards for events. When hosting events you want to make sure that all members are treated well, with a hassle free experience. With our VIP lanyards you can easily identify groups and ensure individuals are in the right location, providing them with a seamless experience.Our lanyards are durable enough to handle anything that is thrown at them, with a high quality, customisable finish which adds the final touch to your branding. Use our VIP lanyards for any event; nightclubs, parties, concerts, festivals, and more.

These lanyards can be customised at no additional cost using our Lanyard Designer. Choose from a full range of colour options, add custom text, messaging or your brand logo to make your VIP lanyards stand out from the crowd at any event.

Design a VIP Wristband

Our fabric wristbands are available in both woven and smooth printed material, and supplied with a highly secure lock. These wristbands are fully customisable to add that premium touch to an event. Our VIP wristbands can add an extra level of security to an event with different designs acting as access to different areas, with additional features such as serialisation, coloured locks, and double sided print available.Our VIP fabric wristbands can be fully customised using our wristband designer.  If you need any help with the design we have a dedicated artwork team who will work with you to help achieve the look you require for that VIP effect.


VIP Badges and Event Passes

Our extensive range of passes and guides add an extra layer of security to a VIP event. With a range of different sizes and shapes offered our fully customisable passes can complete the VIP look. Use our online design tool to create a VIP Event pass to attach  to your lanyard. A range of different materials with full colour print and additional security features such as serialisation, foiling and matt finish available.


Accessories for VIP Wristbands Badges & Lanyards

Complete your VIP package with our range of VIP lanyard accessories and attachments. All lanyards, wristbands and accessories are available with fast turnaround times and delivery across the UK. For more information on our range of eco-friendly lanyards and other event products, get in touch with our friendly team today to find the perfect VIP badges and lanyards for your event.


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