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Secure Wristbands and Lanyards for Students, Teachers and Lecturers.

Wristbands & Lanyards for Schools and Universities 

Popular with many educational institutions, we manufacture custom wristbands to suit the needs of both students, teachers and parents. With over 20 years experience, we’re experts in providing comfortable, functional and safe solutions for all levels of education from reception to University.


School Lanyards and Wristbands

School Lanyards: Bespoke school Lanyards are a perfect solution for your school or college. They can be full customised through our Lanyard designer so you can add pick your colours and add your logo and name easily

Teacher Lanyards: Easily identify teachers and staff with our bespoke teacher lanyards. These can be fully customised and come with a metal dog clip that can easily attach to our ID cards.

School wristbands: Custom school wristbands are a great way to safeguard children. With our school ID wristbands staff can provide students with a wristband on outings and field trips, Wristbands can also be used as a way for parents and teachers to communicate. For example, should a pupil injure themselves during the school day, they can be given a wristband stating “I bumped my head today”. Our Fabric wristbands also offer a nice keep-sake for leavers that they can keep for years to come. Our children’s wristbands are tamper proof and made to be secure, preventing them from falling off, whilst encouraging children to keep them on with bright and fun colours. - Our silicone wristbands also make a great choice for children. Soft and durable, they are comfortable to wear for several hours and can be easily reused.


University Lanyards and Wristbands

University Lanyards: Our university lanyards can be fully customised and offer a great solution for holding ID cards. Easily designed with your university colours and logos, these lanyards offer a practical and effective solution for students and lecturers.

Wristbands for Student unions: Its common practice for clubs and student unions to get their members and guests tagged with a wristband. Whether its themed nights for university students or for security event entry we have a wide range of wristband options to cater for your needs.

Freshers Party Wristbands: During freshers and refreshers our fabric waistband are used as tickets for entry to events. These secure party wristbands can be fully designed and worn the whole week, allowing students to buy a ticket once but gain access to events the whole time.

I Bumped my Head
I Bumped my Head

Our incredibly popular and cost effective solution to clarifying which of your students have bumped their heads today

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School ID wristbands
School ID wristbands

Place your schools contact details and name on these tear resistant bands incase one of your pupils become lost

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Daily School ID Wristbands
Daily School ID Wristbands

Choose the day, enter your school name / trust in the free text field and then simply select your required colour and quantity

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Wristband colour meanings blog post

Awareness wristbands can be used as a sign of support for certain movements, beliefs or health conditions. With the many different varieties, this can often be confusing for those who are unaware of what they mean

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Anti-Cyber Bullying Blog

A series of wristbands have been created by ID&C to raise awareness of the devastating consequences of cyberbullying. According to figures, 24% of children and young people will experience some form of cyberbullying.

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