It’s no news that the hospitality industry has been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. Travel restrictions and social distancing have brought new challenges for hotels and resorts. And, international travel and close-proximity of guests is a potential breeding ground for germs to be spread. These uncertain times make PPE for hotels more essential than ever in protecting staff and guests.

Plan your hotel PPE requirements. Get ahead.

Hotels and resorts will already be putting changes into effect, and chances are this will become a new normal in the hospitality world. It’s key that you provide an environment that is safe for not only your guests but your workplace. It might be that you no longer use the front desk like you used to, having people line up to check-in will not be beneficial for anyone. It may be hard for guests to book rooms as hotels reopen with limited capacity at first, and restaurant services such as buffets will be a thing of the past. 

As a business, you’ll be thinking about how things were previously displayed in rooms, and now might be the time to remove any non-essential items such as notepads and pens. While these are great branding opportunities you can still wave the flag of your resort with the PPE you use.

Choosing The Right Face Mask

If you’re looking to save time by using disposable masks for your employees so that you don’t have to clean and reissue them, take a look at our disposable Custom 3-Ply Face Masks. They’re made from a non-woven material with soft elastic ear loops making them easy and comfortable to wear. With up to 96% filtration efficiency they are the ideal mask for everyday use. You can even use our free and fast in-house design service to make sure you get the look you want.

If you're looking for N95 masks for sale, we have them too. N95 face masks offer medical-grade protection and filtration.

If sustainability is high on your agenda, then look no further than our reusable Custom Printed Cloth Face Masks. These masks are not only good for the environment, but they’re also comfy and breathable. You can customize these masks with your branding by adding your company logo. We have further options with 5-layer filters for enhanced purification. 

If your front-desk will be in working order, we’d encourage you to use our FDA approved Face Shields with anti-fogging and anti-dust splash.

These coverings will protect both your staff and guests through all times of close communication. If you want to create a protective barrier between staff and guests during check-in, our friends and sister company Imprint Plus manufacture these amazing counter sneeze guards.

Going the extra mile for the comfort of your guests

You can also use our Floor Stickers to help aid guests and mark out safe spaces. These floor decals will guide guests to line up safely, and remind them of social distancing rules. If you want to check the health of your staff and guests, why not invest in Infrared Thermometers, these items give a quick and accurate reading in 1 second for fever detection. 

It’s important to remember that staff members will not be used to wearing masks for long periods of time. They can cause discomfort around the ears or feel loose after several long shifts. This is where our supplementary items come in handy. Our custom Silicone Face Mask Ear Savers attach to your mask to adjust the pressure around the ears. These accessories can be sanitized quickly and are also customizable with your logo. And don’t forget to order your gloves and vented or unvented goggles and glasses.

PPE kits for hotels

Hotels and resorts are renowned for offering luxury full-services, so why not consider gifting each guest a PPE kit, including branded hand sanitizer, no-touch tool (to use on elevator buttons and light switches), and gloves. You could also include some bottled water. 

Another essential item of your PPE sets is going to be hand sanitizer. A sought after item you’ll probably want on-hand in every room and workstation. We offer various options from wipes to bottles and even bulk orders.

Contactless entry is the new normal

With cleaning staff and guests entering a number of rooms and touching doorknobs, now is the perfect time to update regular key entry to a single-use RFID wristband. We can customize the bands, wrap them in cellophane and integrate with any RFID door lock system.

We understand that we’re living in uncertain times but by being fully-prepared with your PPE, you can move-ahead feeling confident that your hotel & resort is doing all that it can in safety compliance to keep everyone safe. If you have any questions on how to navigate your PPE, our team will be happy to help you along the way and choose the right custom PPE products for your hotel.

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