Wristbands for Carnivals & State Fairs

At ID&C, we supply wristbands, lanyards, event passes and RFID products to carnivals and state fairs across the US. Our products are designed to help control access, increase security, prevent ticket fraud, reduce queuing times, serve as redemption for food and beverages, and help to identify different types of carnival attendees from staff to fans and guests.

Event security doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive, and our wristbands for carnivals and fairs can accommodate events with all kinds of budgets and complexities. For example, if you’re managing a small scale community fair you may be interested in our cheapest solutions such as our tyvek wristbands which start with prices as low as $0.02. For a large carnival or state fair, an RFID wristband solution may be more appropriate, where you can efficiently control entry, capture customer data, improve security and monitor revenue and merchandise performance.

If you’re looking for branded, customizable carnival wristbands, we have a simple wristband designer which allows you to make your products on-brand to help support brand awareness.

With all of our carnival-based solutions, they have been designed to be tamper-proof and non-transferable so no fraudulent activity will be possible where your event is concerned. Our designs are also water-proof and durable, so no matter the activities at your event, your wristbands or lanyard will stay intact.

We don’t just offer solutions for your staff and event attendees, we also offer customised parking passes, mirror hooks and guides to help with the smooth running of your carnival or state fair.  

Fabric Wristbands

Tyvek Wristbands

Tyvek or paper wristbands offer a cheap and simple solution for admission control for outdoor shows and events. The tamper-proof design ensures they are non-transferrable and can be customized with black print, or full-color for a more premium look using our wristband designer.

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Vinyl Wristbands

Vinyl Wristbands

Vinyl wristbands are used across a wide range of events, offering a secure and durable solution if you are looking for something a little more hardwearing. Our Vinyl wristbands are printed in-house providing fast turnarounds and premium quality finish to your custom designs.

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Mirror hooks

Vehicle Passes

Our parking permit hang tags come with a rear-view mirror hook for easy application to a car or other vehicle. Car Parking passes and other vehicle ID will help to identify and manage vehicles at outdoor events and festivals.

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ID Cards

ID Cards

Our custom ID cards can be used for a range of applications, ideal for staff and security to ensure safety at your venue.

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If you would like more information regarding our range of lanyards and wristbands for state fairs and carnivals, please get in touch via email [email protected], call us on 941.739.6935 or submit an enquiry online.