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What's in a colour?


Charity wristbands are a simple and cost effective way of raising funds for your cause; over £12 million has been raised from fundraising charity wristbands, and with ID&C, it’s easy to design and create your own online. Whatever type of band you decide on, we can help you with the selection and design process that is right for your event, fundraising campaign or to raise awareness.
Silicone wristbands: Many fundraisers opt for classic silicone charity wristbands as they are inexpensive, durable and versatile. With prices from $0.28c per wristband band, you can design the perfect wristband for your charity or campaign. Choose from a wide range of base colours colours, designs can be printed, embossed, debossed or colour-filled to match your charity’s branding and styling.
Top 10 Creative and Easy Charity Fundraising Ideas

Hands up who's guilty of making a pledge to 'give back more', 'pass it on', 'make a contribution to society' etc. etc., but then doing absolute diddly-squat about it?

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Wristband color meanings

Awareness wristbands can be used as a sign of support for certain movements, beliefs or health conditions. However, the wristband color meanings can be somewhat ambiguous, especially when a particular color represents so many illnesses and beliefs.

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