Motorsport Lanyards

Premium metal lanyard & badge holder combo seen at Motorsports events like F1 & MotoGP

F1 Lanyards

Our premium metal lanyards are ideal for motorsport events, conventions, live music, and events looking to upgrade their VIP experience with elevated design and quality. Motorsport teams worldwide use ID&C to provide their guests with the VIP experience they expect on a race day. We provide F1 lanyards for some of the top teams. Whether a Formula 1 team or for any other sports event or VIP event, ID&C ensures your brand is represented with premium quality.


Premium Customized Lanyards for VIPs at Motorsport Events

Our team will work with you to create the perfect custom motorsport lanyards for your event.


1. The Lanyard

We offer motorsport lanyards in a variety of materials and widths, from eco-friendly options to high-quality premium woven materials.

2. The Collar 

The custom metal collar is ideal for displaying a logo while also serving as a mechanism to adjust the badge position.

3. The Badge Holder

Made from a premium metal alloy that provides a durable and secure method for attaching the badge. The metal badge holder can be engraved with logos. We have 3 standard options: learn more or can customize your design.

4. The Badge 

Our badges are made from premium, rigid, and highly durable PVC. They are printed full color on the front and back and can feature holograms, barcodes, and variable data.



Premium Metal Badge Holder Options 

Customize one of our three styles or we'll create your own custom shape. Available in a number of metal finishes including; gold, chrome, brushed steel, and black. Laser engrave your logo or have it stamped with a color infill.

  Our custom lanyards have received an average of 5 out of 5 for Comfort, Ease of Use, Quality, Usefulness, and Value for money.

FAQ's & Helpful Links


Is there a minimum order quantity for motorsport lanyards? You can order our F1 lanyards and metal badge holders in quantities as low as 100 pcs.

What kind of events use this credential combination? 

F1 Lanyards  Our premium badge holders are ideal for motorsport events. They come fitted with a metal bar clip that securely holds a laminated ID badge. Similar to the F1 Grand Prix lanyards, these are Ideal for motorsport events or any event looking for a VIP, premium quality lanyard. 

Sports Lanyards These premium badge holder lanyards are popular for use at any kind of sporting event. The lanyards (also known as neck straps) can be supplied with a full-color satin, printed polyester, or high-quality woven finish. The metal bar clip can be plain or custom engraved to match your brand.

Where can I find a motorsport lanyard design template?  You can download the template for all three styles here.

Is there an eco-friendly option? 

Yes, you can order our motorsport lanyards with an eco-friendly rPET material that's made with recycled plastic bottles also available with our sustainable material made from bamboo. ID&C are market leaders in providing eco-friendly lanyards for a wide variety of events.

What other kinds of badge holders are available for purchase? ID&C stocks a number of ID badge holders and plastic wallets that provide a simple yet effective solution for you to manage security for your event or place of work. They are an ideal low-cost option for staff and general access.
Do you offer a free design service? Yes ID&C has an in-house experienced design team that will help you bring your vision to life for free! Get in touch request a design 
What is laser engraving? Laser engraving is a process that vaporizes materials into fumes. The laser beam acts as a chisel, it marks by removing layers from the surface of the material. this process is an ideal way to customize your motorsport lanyards without the additional cost of tooling required for stamping and embossing 

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