secure & accurate
100% Secure Access

Combat counterfeit badges and control crowds through secure credential validation.

easy to use

100% Secure & Accurate

fast & simple
Fast & Simple

Queues will be a thing of the past and your fans will love the convenience of tapping their RFID badge to gain entry.


Fast & Easy Access

intelligent data
Intelligent Data

Leverage deep and intelligent event data to help optimize and improve future events.


Intelligent Data


RFID Badges for Comic Conventions

Protect ticket sales, attract sponsors, and grow revenues... all while making sure your fans have a kick-ass experience that keeps them returning year after year. RFID event technology will revolutionize the way your fans access and experience your Fan Convention. From secure and accurate admission management to new un-tapped revenues streams via cashless payments and interactive sponsor programs. 

Comic Con RFID Badge


Through our network of global RFID system partners, ID&C can introduce your Fan Con to the amazing powers of RFID event technology.

We equip your guest badges with a state-of-the-art RFID chip, guaranteed to work on any RFID platform. 

Our RFID Badges act as digital tickets, securely linked to individual registration information. No counterfeits. No pass backs. 100% Accurate.


Your fans will love the traditional look and feel of our RFID Laminates as they enhance and simplify their event experience without the need for cumbersome scanning and ticket checks.

RFID Access Management: Monitor and control admissions, completely eradicate fraudulent badges, and keep lines moving quickly. ID&C's unique RFID badges will remove the need for complex and intrusive ticket scanning, and give your ticket-holders a positive first impression. Mitigate the chance of overcrowding, keeping a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for your patrons. Increase overall security; know exactly who is where and flexibly control access levels on the fly.

Deeper Fan Engagement: Cutting edge RFID technology from our partners will help create interactive experiences between badge holders and sponsors, leveraging meaningful interactions. Introduce RFID-enabled photo booths and check-in stations that project your event across social media channels in real-time, gaining new audiences and attracting future ticket buyers, while growing your brand.

Grow Revenues: RFID cashless payment systems will increase average spend at exhibitor booths and improve convenience for ticket holders as they pay for merchandise with a tap of their wristband or badge. Leverage the comprehensive data that an RFID system delivers and use to optimize processes at future conventions. You will have a deeper understanding of badge fulfillments, venue capacity control, site planning, primary exhibitor locations and new sponsorship opportunities.

Awesome Credentials: ID&C has a track record of providing industry leading RFID credentials and peripheral event products that help event organizers manage access, fulfilment and on-site security. 

RFID Laminates Custom
RFID Laminate Badges

Shipped in 2-3 wks

RFID X-Band Custom
RFID X-Bands

Shipped in 4-6 wks

Lanyards Custom

Shipped in 3 wks

Custom badge wallets Custom
Badge Wallets

Shipped in 1-2 wks