RFID Key Fob

ID&C offers a range of RFID key fobs from a simple black design to a hard PVC finish. RFID key fobs are suitable for controlling access to rooms and areas at hotels, leisure complexes, sports centres and theme parks. The RFID technology is typically more reliable than traditional magnetic strips and offers greater control and multi-functionality for improved entry control.
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Show me prices for units?
Show me prices for units?

Why are RFID Key Fobs Beneficial?

RFID key fobs allow customers and guests to interact with organisations in a completely new way. 

RFID controlled key fobs allow visitors and guests to access specific rooms and areas of a building based on permissions set by you. For example, hotels primarily uses key fobs or RFID key cards to allow guests access to their rooms. Whilst, key fobs are particularly common in businesses where it is important that only certain staff are granted specific areas, for example, if there is a room containing confidential information. 

What’s more, key fobs can be used to control access to locker doors at gyms and leisure complexes. This ensures your belongings are kept safe and can only be accessed using the fob the door was locked with. 

Additionally, key fobs can be used at brand activation events where social media integration is used to join the physical event space with the online world. Users can link their key fobs with their social media accounts and easily post photos and ‘check-in’ at events all at the simple tap of an RFID touch-point. Brands can benefit from free advertising as users share content online with their network. 

And lastly, you have the ability to collect intelligent data and analytics on customers and guests with RFID products. For example, you can understand how guests interact with your facilities and attractions to identify patterns and operational strengths and weaknesses.

Customize your RFID Key Fob

As with most of our products, you can fully customize your RFID key fob. This ensures your fob is designed for brand activation, brand awareness or promotional activity, as well as multi-functional use. 

Whether it be shape, colour, text, graphics or colour you choose for your RFID key fob, you can receive a free no-obligation quote for your design proposal by contacting us online or via [email protected] or 941.739.6935.

Why buy an RFID Fobs from ID&C?

ID&C was established back in 1995 with a view to revolutionizing the way wristbands and event passes are used at festivals, fundraisers and corporate events. Whether it be for security, transactions or access control, we have a range of products which are fit for purpose. 

We have built a reputation within the RFID industry as one of the leading suppliers of RFID products for events. It comes as no surprise that we have worked with some of the biggest festivals in the USA, including Coachella, Bonnaroo, Osheaga and Comic Con. 

If you would like more information about our products or services please contact us via [email protected] or call 941.739.6935.

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