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Nightclubs, Bars & Party Wristbands

wristbands for nightclubs

Added Security

If you’re running a club night, party or fixed venue, you will undoubtedly know the value and importance of a secure entry system, as well as being able to distinguish between different guest types, for example identifying VIP or smoking customers.

Our custom printed event wristbands will help identify your different guest types and allow you to offer secure re-admissions. We know that for many running nightclubs, bars and parties, security is of paramount importance so we offer easy design services to customise your wristbands so you can ensure that they’re unique to your venue or event.

Security is also improved as all of our security wristbands are completely non-transferable, whether you choose Tyvek, Fabric or Vinyl. You can know exactly who is being given access to your event or venue, and grant total peace of mind to organisers, staff and attendees. 

Your Party, Your Way

We work with people and organisations passionate about running the best nights out and help ensure that they achieve these aims. Whether it’s designing the best wristbands for their aesthetic, adding in cool features, such as tabbed bands for food and drink, including RFID technology, or UV threads woven into fabric wristbands to add an extra edge to a rave night, our products bring that extra edge.

Our wristbands offer total flexibility meaning you can order separate styles to help you differentiate between attendees and staff, or between different levels of VIP guests. Pick your colours and styles and customise to your heart’s content!

Of course using wristbands for your nightclub, bar or party has a number of further benefits, from being a great place to showcase sponsors to increase their value, to giving your guests an amazing memento they can keep for the weeks ahead to remember their amazing night by.

Next Day Delivery, Low Prices

We often work with nightclubs, bars and party organisers, and so we know that the nightlife business is competitive and fast paced. You’ll love that we can customise your party wristbands and deliver them in under 48 hours.

Already know what you want? Why not make the wristbands yourself with our online designer? It’s simple, easy to use and we’ll even give you free delivery on orders over £100.

Design & Buy Your Own Custom Wristbands

  • Security Features
    Ultimate Security:

    We have the largest range of wristband security features including patented wristband locks, barcodes, RFID and holograms.

  • Recycled & Sustainable:

    We offer a wristband recycle program for your unused event wristbands.

  • Need Help Choosing?

    Contact one of our wristband specialists for in-depth knowledge and a tailored quote.