Wristbands for Clubs, Bars & Venues

Simple access control solutions for nightclubs, bars, parties and music venues.

Nightclub & Party Wristbands

Added security for your event.

Wristbands for nightclubs: If you’re running a club night, party or fixed venue, you will undoubtedly understand the importance of a secure entry system, as well as being able to distinguish between different guest types, from Artists and DJs to VIPs and smoking customers. Our custom printed event wristbands will help identify your guests and allow you to provide secure re-admissions. Our wristbands are completely non-transferable and tamper resistant, whether you choose Tyvek WristbandsFabric Wristbands or Vinyl Wristbands, they can be fully customised with your branding and added security features. Customise wristbands now.

Security wristbands: They are ideal for parties or clubs and your order can be tailored and customised to your venue requirements. We can provide Tyvek bands with serialisation, tear-off food/drink vouchers tabs on our Tab Vinyl BandsRFID technology for admission control and cashless payment systems, or we can weave UV threads to create UV Fabric Bands

Lanyards for VIP : If you have a VIP guest, use our lanyards, event passes and wristbands to help them stand out from the crowd. Lanyards for DJs are quite a common occurance. Design bespoke lanyards for your VIPs using our Lanyard Designer for no additional cost.

Wristbands for weddings: One of our other popular options Our Fabric Wristbands with an Adjustable Bead are the perfect Birthday wristband, Wedding Wristband, Hen-dos/Stag-dos Wristband or any other event where security isn't a large issue. They are also a great keep-sake. Create your own design or choose from some of our pre-made options.

As nightclubs, bars and party venues adapt to a new 'normal' post-COVID-19, you should consider whether respirator face masks are imperative for your venue to function as effectively as possible. Whether its face masks for your team members or for party goers, we have a range of solutions to choose from, including KN95 face masks, disposable face masks, and our custom cloth face masks if requiring bespoke branding.

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