Wristbands for Clubs, Bars & Venues

Putting safety at the forefront of your event, our custom party wristbands provide simple access control solutions for nightclubs, bars, parties and music venues

Nightclub & Party Wristbands

Do you want to keep your customers safe, while also increasing your revenue? Our custom party wristbands are ideal for nightclubs, parties and other events.
With our club wristbands, you can easily distinguish between your guests, from DJs and VIPs to party goers and staff. You can even create your own custom nightclub wristbands that are uniquely tailored to your event, using our party wristband designer.
The best part? Our party wristbands are simple and affordable - your business doesn't need to invest in expensive technology to keep your customers safe and identifiable.

Custom Nightclub Wristbands

Our custom nightclub wristbands are completely non-transferable and tamper resistant, whether you choose Tyvek Wristbands, Fabric Wristbands or Vinyl Wristbands.
With our wristband designer, you can fully customise your party wristbands with your own branding and a range of styles, colours and backgrounds. Your custom party wristbands can also have additional security features added, such as serialisation to maximise your event’s safety.
Whether you want club entry wristbands, or VIP wristbands, we offer a quick and easy service to make organising your event a stressless experience.

Security Club Entry Wristbands

At ID&C, we understand that security and event control is of the highest importance, which is why our custom nightclub wristbands can be tailored to suit your venue’s security requirements. Alongside serialisation, we can provide tear-off food/drink vouchers tabs on our Tab Vinyl Wristbands, we can weave UV threads to create UV Fabric Wristbands, and we can also use RFID technology.
RFID club entry wristbands can be used for admission control and cashless payment systems, making them ideal as a nightclub security measure. You can find out more about what RFID technology is and how it can support your event in our blog.

VIP Party Wristbands, Lanyards & Passes

Do you have any VIP guests coming to your event and want to make them stand out from the crownd? At ID&C, we want to help you to elevate their experience and make them feel like the most important person at your event. Work with our dedicated artwork team to add a premium look to your custom party wristbands and impress your VIP guest! You can also use our custom VIP club wristbands to add additional layers of security and ensure your VIP guest feels safe.
We also offer bespoke VIP lanyards, which are ideal if you are hosting a day-time party event. Find out more about our VIP lanyards and how you can design your own lanyard for no additional cost.

Custom Party Wristbands for Weddings

Did you know? Our custom party wristbands are also great for weddings and are often used as favours or save the dates.
If you want to make your big day as green as possible, you can also choose from our eco-friendly wristbands. These recycled fabric wristbands are also ideal for Hen-dos & Stag-dos where security isn't an issue as they are also a great keep-sake. You can create your own design or choose from some of our pre-made wristbands.

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