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RFID Oval Face Silicone Wristband



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Select Print Option

One Colour Print

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Two Colour Print

(+£0.05 charge per unit)

Four Colour Print

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Debossed (Sunken)

(+£0.07 charge per unit)

Debossed with Colour Infill

(+£0.10 charge per unit)


Pick a Base Colour

Add Your Text

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Choose RFID Chip Type

Fudan 1k

No extra charge

NXP Mifare Classic 1k

(+£0.58 charge per unit)

NXP Mifare Ultralight (+ EV1)

(+£0.04 charge per unit)


(+£0.12 charge per unit)

NXP Mifare Ultralight C

(+£0.31 charge per unit)


(+£0.09 charge per unit)


No extra charge

Before delivery of your order we will provide you with a spreadsheet file containing all the RFID UID (unique identification) numbers for each of your wristbands. If you require further assistance or information on this please do call us on 0845 450 7085.

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500 + units 1.35 per unit

1,000 + units 1.06 per unit

2,000 + units 0.89 per unit

3,000 + units 0.84 per unit

5,000 + units 0.79 per unit

10,000 + units 0.75 per unit

20,000 + units 0.66 per unit

30,000 + units 0.65 per unit

40,000 + units 0.63 per unit

50,000 + units 0.62 per unit

75,000 + units 0.57 per unit

100,000 + units 0.56 per unit

150,000 + units 0.55 per unit

200,000 + units 0.55 per unit

Price breakdown

Order charge£

Print charge£

Logo charge£

Serialisation charge£

Soft fabric backing charge£

Barrel lock type charge£

Barrel lock colour charge£

Barcode/QR Code charge£

UV Watermark charge£

Crimper charge£

Security Foil charge£

Holographic Sticker charge£

Double sided print charge£

Material charge£

Width charge£

Clips charge£

Safety Break charge£

Attachments charge£

Finish charge£

Badge Reel charge£

Card Holder charge£

Plastic Badge Holder charge£

Lanyard charge£

Plastic Wallet charge£

Packaging charge£

Tab charge£

Signature Strip charge£

Print options charge - £

RFID Chip charge - £

Diameter charge£

Coating charge£

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