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Printed Silicone Wristband

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Pick a Base Colour

PLEASE NOTE: Only 2 colours can be printed on this Wristband. Please ensure all logos & text use a maximum of 2 colours.

Orange 1375c
Orange 152c
Dark Orange 180c
Red 032c
Red 186c
Burgandy 194c
Sky Blue 298c
Blue 801c
Blue 2387c
Royal Blue 280c
Beige 155c
Yellow 803c
Dark Yellow 124c
Lime 376c
Green 802c
Green 361c
Dark Green 343c
Pale Pink 210c
Pink 806c
Pink 213c
Magenta 2415c
Lilac 2567c
Purple 2087c
Purple 266c
Turquoise 3248c
Turquoise 2239c
Light Brown 479c
Brown 174c
Dark Gold 871c
Platinum 877c

Add Your Text

PLEASE NOTE: Only 2 colours can be printed on this Wristband. Please ensure all logos & text use a maximum of 2 colours.

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Choose Packaging

Wristbands are packed in bags of 100 as standard. If you would like your wristbands to be individually packed, select one of the following options:

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+ £0.02 each

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Minimum Quantity: 25

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Our bulk order discount means that unit price is cheaper with larger quantities

25 + units 2.82 per unit

50 + units 1.40 per unit

100 + units 0.70 per unit

250 + units 0.39 per unit

500 + units 0.32 per unit

1,000 + units 0.27 per unit

3,000 + units 0.23 per unit

5,000 + units 0.23 per unit

Price breakdown

Order charge£

Print charge£

Logo charge£

Serialisation charge£

Woven Serialisation charge£

Ink Stamped Serialisation charge£

Laser Engraved Serialisation charge£

Soft fabric backing charge£

Double sided print charge£

Barrel lock type charge£

Barrel lock colour charge£

Barcode/QR Code charge£

UV Watermark charge£

Crimper charge£

Security Foil charge£

Print charge£

Holographic Sticker charge£

Double sided print charge£

Material charge£

Width charge£

Size charge£

Clips charge£

Safety Break charge£

Ear Savers charge£

Additional Filters charge£

3-Ply Disposable Mask charge£

KN95 Disposable Mask charge£

N95 Disposable Mask charge£

Attachments charge£

Finish charge£

Badge Reel charge£

Branding Removal charge£

Card Holder charge£

Plastic Badge Holder charge£

Lanyard charge£

Plastic Wallet charge£

Packaging charge£

Tab charge£

Signature Strip charge£

Print options charge - £

RFID Chip charge - £

Diameter charge£

Smartcard Type charge£

Coating charge£

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