The positive effects of RFID across Festivals worldwide

2018 was another huge year for RFID at festivals. The United States continues to lead the way on the number of festivals adopting the technology, the UK and the rest of Europe also saw a significant increase in adoption rates. But what are the main benefits and why should you switch to RFID? Hopefully, this blog will give you a good reason to.

The top reasons to switch to RFID

First and foremost, one of the main attractions of using a contactless system is speed and fluidity. Let's look at a few facts:

  • Faster transactions: Reduce the time it takes for a customer to make a purchase.
  • Shorter queues: Faster transactions mean shorter queues. Short queues mean happier attendees.
  • More Efficiency: Staff work fast and efficient, with simplified processes and less stress.

Secondly we can look at how RFID can help boost sales, marketing opportunities, social media interaction and overall profit.

  • Security: Less cash transactions means less chance of cash being lost or stolen.
  • Administration: Faster processing means you will require less staff, cutting the wage bill.
  • Spend PP: The average spend per head when using a contactless device is on average 16-35% higher compared to a standard non-RFID transaction.
  • Social Media: Your attendees can link their RFID wristbands straight to their social media accounts providing insight into attendee demographics and general customer profiling.
  • Brand Exposure: The easier your guests can link their social accounts to your event means more likes, tweets, shares and check-ins.
  • Marketing: Having an insight into customer profiling will allow you to market your festival better in future campaigns.

What festivals use RFID?

So now you can see some of the benefits to using RFID, you might be thinking well 'Who even uses RFID'?

We've highlighted a few Festivals from around the world that have taken the step into RFID.

Festivals using RFID in the USA

Lollapalooza continue to roll out its 'Lolla Cashless' platform doing so for over 7 years, while Bonnaroo fans have definitely become used to tapping their RFID wristbands to gain access to The Farm. It's been their preferred method of access control for almost 10 years. EDC Las Vegas is another of the giant festivals of the world that relies on RFID technology.

How about Coachella, one of the biggest festivals in the world that attracts around 250,000 music lovers each year. Gopi Sangha, director of digital strategy at Coachella organiser Goldenvoice said in reference to cashless payments "this is a trend that couldn’t be ignored and denied; it’s the way consumers want to complete transactions onsite."

Festivals in the UK & Europe using RFID

Back in the UK, we are seeing an increase in festivals turning to cashless options. Including the award winning 2000 trees festival with their festival director Andy Rea reporting a "significant” increase in bar sales, a reduction in queueing times and faster transactions down to 40 seconds. "You can’t underestimate the convenience it adds to the customer experience, not having to worry about bringing cash and keeping it safe – plus the tech helped render queues almost non-existent". Read more from Andy Rea.

So who else? Standon Calling, a 17,000 capacity festival in Hertfordshire was the first UK festival to embrace RFID technology back in 2013 and they've never looked back.

Founder and festival director Alex Trenchard said " If we hadn’t taken the RFID route, Standon Calling would probably not exist today. Back then we were less than half the size we are now – at 7,000 capacity – and it was the uplift in onsite revenue that we gained as a direct result of being an RFID festival that enabled us to stay afloat in those precarious early years ".

Read more from Alex here.

Our European neighbours Germany, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands and France have all seen a continuing rise in RFID technology being used at live events. EDM behemoth TomorrowLand is perhaps the best known for using contactless wristbands, while other large scale festivals including Sonar [ES], DGTL [NL], and MELT [DE] have all been using the RFID for more than 4 years.

At ID&C, we have been supplying RFID products to some of the world's largest festivals for many years, including RFID Fabric wristbands, RFID Vinyl Wristbands, RFID Laminate Passes and RFID Vehicle Passes.

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