If you’ve walked through the gates of some of the country’s biggest music festivals in the past 5 years, then you’ve probably experienced using an RFID wristband.

RFID at festivals has taken off to the extent where it is becoming the norm for many multi-day events in the 50,000+ attendance range.

But, RFID (which stands for Radio Frequency Identification) is fast becoming a tangible technology for even small and grassroots festivals to use. And, it’s not just about shorter queues and cashless payments.

The possibilities to enhance the experience for your audience are endless.

Here are 12 reasons why we thing RFID at festivals is big news for any festival organiser.

1. Streamline Entry

No one wants to wait forever to get into your event, especially if its hot outside. Long lines are the worst first impress you want to give your audience. And, as an organiser you want people to get in and get spending.

One of the most tangible benefits of RFID technology is that it will significantly speed-up entry times. Using RFID wristbands, attendees can quickly tap their wristband against a scanner to get in.

They don’t have to scan a barcode or ticket, which can be around 10x slower than RFID scanners. And, each wristband can hold unique information, allowing for instant verification without physically checking or looking at a ticket.

2. Go Cashless

Being able to pay at the tap of a wristband takes the worry out of not having enough cash, or losing money. Giving your customers the option to add their payment information to their RFID wristband before the event will enable fast, secure and easy payment during your festival.

Research has shown that RFID at festivals also increases the chances of spontaneous purchases by up to 20%.

3. Gain real-time Insights

Collect instant data into how foot traffic flows throughout your event. If your event is running for several days, this priceless data will help you to adapt the space to give your audience the best experience possible.

This information can be used for future events to understand what areas or artists were most popular, as well as where is best to place restrooms, concession stands, and eliminate crowds and queues.

4. Enhance the VIP Experience

The last thing you want is for your VIPs to have to stand in line. RFID helps streamline this process. With RFID technology, you can also offer fans the ability to upgrade access levels on the fly - bringing joy to your guests and generated otherwise untapped revenues.

5. Make it Social

By asking guests to link their social media accounts with their RFID wristband opens up a ton of opportunities to engage with them online and encourage social sharing. For example, checking-in on Facebook, syncing photo booths to Instragram feeds, and even co-branding it all with a sponsor.

Social media activations via RFID can extend the reach of your festival to brand new online audiences. And, help attract more sponsor revenue.

Here's an example of how RFID wristbands helped generate 1.9 million Facebook likes at Bonnaroo Festival:

6. Eliminate Theft and Fraud

Unlike traditional tickets, RFID wristbands are impossible to copy or duplicate. Pass-backs are completely eradicated, and dodgy fake wristbands are a thing of the past.

In addition to this, RFID allows for real time control of ticket data, meaning that if a guests do lose their wristband, you can quickly deactivate it and issue a new one, without the worry of it being used by someone else.

7. Strengthen Connections with Sponsors

Any discerning event producer will want their sponsor activations to be un-intrusive and inline with the ethos of the festival. Driving participation via traditional methods can prove difficult, but RFID is the perfect solution for a seamless, frictionless brand experience that your sponsors can truly benefit from.

No more clip boards or guess work on how the activation was received. Real, tangible data and deep engagement becomes easy with a tap of an RFID wristband.

Your fans wont feel like they're being sold to. Your sponsors will get accurate, and actionable data. And you, the organiser, will understand the value and potential revenues you can generate from future sponsorship activations.

8. Simplify the Box Office Process

No one looks forward to having to stand in a queue to pick up wristbands or tickets, especially if another queue awaits them at the festival gate.

With RFID technology, you can mail out wristbands and passes before the event. This not only builds up excitement amongst fans but gives you the opportunity to pre-educate on how to get the most from their RFID experience. Pre-loading of cash, activation of tickets, and social media connections can all be done pre-event.

And if you have some last minute sales, it’s easy to assign RFID wristbands to guests as they arrive.

9. Give guests something to remember

One of the biggest perks of using RFID technology for your guests? It’s awesome. Attendees love to wear their wristband as a badge of honor for where they’ve been, keeping them on for months, even longer.

The fact the wristband helped them feel safe, gain quick access to their designated areas, and pay for drinks with ease will build brand-affinity with your guests and gives them something to share socially with friends.

10. Sell More Tickets

RFID technology allows you to gain a deeper understanding of what your fans are engaging with and excited about. You'll also get insight on entry times, sponsor activations, and concession purchases - enabling easy and accurate profiling of your audience for future shows.

11. Impress your Attendees

Every summer, Instagram is flooded with photos from festivals. Attendees are always keen to share what they can do with modern technology and how their life is better than yours right now. There’s no denying that if you introduce RFID at your festival, your awesome points will rise, and your fans will love it.

12. Make your Attendees Feel Safe

Sadly, in today's world, it’s more important than ever to make sure your event is safe and no one who shouldn’t be there can get in. As well as giving your audience that added sense of security and confidence.

Since RFID wristbands are associated with encrypted, individual IDs, it’s pretty much impossible to duplicate them. And if you felt like anyone was up to anything they shouldn't be, you can quickly deactivate an individual festival wristband to cancel entry into certain areas. As well as using the data to find their last known whereabouts.