1. Why Choose RFID Wristbands For Your Hotel

    Why Choose RFID Wristbands For Your Hotel

    In this article, I want to discuss why using wristbands, instead of traditional keycards, at your hotel is a game-changer! Since ID&C has introduced our keycard wristbands, we’ve had a lot of resorts reaching out asking, Should I be using RFID wristbands at my hotel? I say absolutely, here's why…. Better Guest Experience How many times have you found yourself...
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  2. RFID vs NFC: 10-Year Retrospective

    RFID vs NFC: 10-Year Retrospective

    It's been a decade since we last delved into the RFID vs NFC debate in our industry. Now, it's time to revisit the article we published on Techradar.com back in 2013.  With over 100 million RFID wristbands in circulation, and their widespread use in live events worldwide for access control and cashless payments, it begs the question: What insights have...
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