Counterfeit-fighting Superheroes - The Ultimate Event Wristbands!

You've finally made it back home from the event. After sleeping for what feels like a century, you're contemplating taking off your event wristband to keep as a reminder of the best time ever! Little did you know, it's putting up a fight! Time to summon your inner Hulk? No, it's going to take more than a few mighty tugs to remove that wristband. ?

Event wristbands are intentionally strong like the superheroes of festival credentials! ?‍♀️ ? They're colorful, friendly-looking, and in some cases practically indestructible. Event organizers know what they're doing! These wristbands are not just for show - they ensure the safety and security of everyone at an event. With their tamper-proof locking mechanisms, clever technology, and advanced materials, they stay put and won't be easily removed or transferred. Talk about festival wristband superpowers, ok here are 4.

Super Powers of Festival Wristbands

1. Thwart Unauthorized Access Keep Intruders at Bay...

Event wristbands: the mighty guardians of the festival realm! They fend off ticket counterfeiters ?️, granting access only to those who truly belong on the hallowed festival grounds. Not only do they protect the legitimacy of ticket holders, but they also shield your hard-earned money from falling into the clutches of scammers and villains. Moreover, by preventing overcrowding, they ensure safety and amplify the enjoyment for both organizers and attendees alike.

2. The Power of Being Seen 

Wristbands serve a dual purpose at events. Not only do they grant entry, but they also aid organizers in identifying attendees and distinguishing access types like VIPs ? & staff members during the event. Event wristbands boast colorful custom designs and security features such as specialty security threads and color-coded locking systems, adding both style and functionality ?. Barcodes and RFID chip wristbands are the tech-savvy way to track attendance and personalize your festival experience. 

3. Ultimate Endurance

Festivals: where the staff endure long, hot, and physically demanding conditions. But hey, that's just the warm-up! For attendees, it's all about constant dancing, moshing, and other physically strenuous events. ? ? Our wristbands? They're like superheroes who are strong and nearly unbreakable. For instance, our Tyvek wristbands are crafted from a poly-spun fiber material that even Spiderman himself would be proud of.

4. The Power to Rewind Time and Relive the Moment!

The memory of a festival experience becomes more vivid and valuable as time separates us from the experience. The further we distance ourselves from it, the greater its significance grows. Event wristbands: the physical keepsakes that were with you throughout the festival frenzy, capable of magically? teleporting you right back to the heart of the mosh pit. We make our cloth wristbands strong and durable, to create a keepsake that will last long after the festival is over.

How to Remove Your Festival Wristband For Display

Once an event is over you can carefully use a pair of scissors to remove your wristband. Now you have removed your wristbands you can slide off the security lock so that they be safely stored flat in books, scrapbooks, photo albums—or anywhere else you would like! ? You can also frame your wristbands. For additional inspiration, be sure to visit our Pinterest page. There, you can find creative ideas on how to showcase your wristbands after the event. 


In all seriousness - counterfeiting is a lucrative enterprise, with well-documented ties to organized crime. It involves the illegal sale of wristbands and tickets to the unexpected, who then try to use them to access events. It is an attractive proposition for criminals and can cause lost revenue, safety issues, and damage to the reputation of event organizers. To combat this problem, organizers should look into additional security measures such as RFID technology or specialized security wristbands that are difficult to replicate or tamper with.

Top Festival organizers, behind events such as EDC and Coachella, have reported instances of attendees attempting to remove and transfer wristbands. These behaviors can lead to overcrowding, and compromised safety; potentially resulting in severe consequences (not least the permanent cancellation of an event).

Consequently, many festivals have implemented measures to prevent the unauthorized transfer of wristbands, such as tamper-proof technology and enhanced security features developed by ID&C over the past 25 years. The next time you encounter difficulty removing your festival wristband without damage, take solace in knowing that it serves a noble purpose. Stay safe and care for your fellow event-goers.


Robert West - Senior Manager Design & Innovation
ID&C | August 2023