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ID&C offers a wide range of custom festival style wristbands and credentials to help secure your festival or fair. Our festival wristbands all serve as a visual ID and are non-transferable. Customizing your event wristbands with unique designs and colors will help distinguish your patrons' different levels of access, from GA to VIP. You can even customize your own festival wristbands online using our event wristband designer tool.
Popular festival wristbandsCloth wristbands are the most common for festivals and multi-day fairs because of their durability and custom options. Vinyl bands and Tyvek bracelets are also popular for use at festivals, but usually for patrons with single-day access or to verify drinking age (e.g. 21+ wristbands or 19+ in Canada).
RFID technology for festivals & fairs: RFID event wristbands are quickly becoming the go-to technology for fast access control and cashless payments at mid to large size festivals. ID&C and our partners can help you deliver an RFID solution for any event. However, some smaller festivals are utilizing Barcode wristbands to provide some of the same benefits as RFID, but at a lower cost. Read more about RFID festival technology.
Why buy festival wristbands from ID&C? With 24 years experience, ID&C has designed and produced millions of custom wristbands for thousands of festivals, fairs and concerts around the world. Our industry leading products help control crowds, identify patrons and secure the event. Our products are produced to the highest quality, and we offer a large range of security features to help prevent counterfeiting.

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Benefits Of RFID
Benefits Of RFID

Reduce queuing times, go cashless, and improve security and access control with by incorporating RFID technology into your festival wristbands. Enhance the festival experience for your visitors with social media integration and optimized merchandising, gain valuable data and insights into their behavior, where they are spending their money, and how they interact with and move around the venue.

Go ECO Friendly
Go ECO Friendly

We now have a range of products for the eco-conscious festival organizer to help you provide a greener event and lower the environmental impact. From our new recycled festival style wristbands and bamboo locks to lanyards, recyclable event guides, and security passes.

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