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Creating a cashless payment environment at your festival or event can open up a world of possibilities and enhancements for everyone involved. Our RFID Wristbands, RFID Security Passes, RFID Vehicle Passes and RFID Cards & Key Fobs can be used for a variety of different events and venues. Such as at Festivals, Nightclubs, Sports Stadiums & Arenas, Exhibitions, Fan-Cons & Conferences and Leisure Resorts & Hotels. Read below to find out how our RFID credentials could help your event. 

RFID for Cashless Payments

Creating a cashless payment environment at your festival or event can open up a world of possibilities and enhancements for everyone involved. Our RFID wristbands and passes have been used for thousands of cashless transactions, giving organisers complete control over revenues, while festival-goers enjoy a convenient and highly secure method of payment. Benefits include:
✔ Real-time sales reporting for complete control
✔ Dramatically reduced queuing and transaction times at bars and vendors outlets
✔ Cost savings from carriage, security and administration of cash
✔ A safer, more convenient way to transact at events

RFID Social media integration

By linking a concert-goers' custom RFID wristband or pass with their online social profile, organisers and brands can promote their event extensively throughout the digital world, deepening customer relationships and amplifying the event experience to a new audience. Potential benefits of social media integration include:
✔ New revenue streams and enhancements for sponsors and brands
✔ Real time promotions before, during and after an event
✔ The ability to 'check-In', 'like' and Tweet using an admission wristband
✔ Festival-goers become brand advocates, projecting their experience to a like-minded online audience 

RFID Access Control Wristbands for Events

Using RFID technology to control access at events can deliver a variety of benefits to organisers and ticket-holders. Our RFID access control wristbands have been used alongside leading technology systems at festivals and events around the world. Potential benefits of event access control wristbands:
✔ Eliminate fraud, counterfeit wristbands, pass-backs and touting
✔ Cut costs by reducing staff numbers
✔ Dramatically reduce queuing times
✔ Gain real-time, zone-specific attendance figures
 We have a wide range of wristbands, passes and ID cards that can be RFID-enabled to work with any RFID system.

Non-transferable, custom RFID wristbands prevent unauthorized access and eradicate the possibility of duplication.

Increased Revenues
Increased Revenues

RFID provides convenient purchasing power by reducing transaction time, resource, and the cost associated with cash handling.

Improved Guest Experience
Improved Guest Experience

Faster payments, shorter lines, and streamlined operations contribute to the satisfaction of your customers

Cloth wristbands with RFID Smartcard
Cloth wristbands with RFID Smartcard

Our classic festival wristband with an integrated RFID/NFC Smartcard. The card is available in different shapes and sizes and can be printed on to add barcodes/serialization.


A hybrid of woven and satin materials, the X-band has the benefit being made of two different fabric materials. The printed satin band is printed in full color, while the woven pouch can be weaved in up to 8 spot or pantone matched colors

Embedded RFID Chip Cloth Wristband
Embedded RFID Chip Cloth Wristband

Our popular cloth wristband with a hidden RFID/NFC chip that has been embedded into the fabric. Made from polyester with up to 8 colour weave to create a 22mm wide RFID enabled wristband.

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