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ID&C is trusted by some of the worlds's biggest festivals, concert and live events organisers. We've created custom festival wristbands for many of the largest festivals.

Greener Events

We now offer a range of Eco-friendly credentials for your festival. Explore our greener products that are ideal for creating Eco festival style wristbands, lanyards, or event passes

Shorter queues, uncompromised security

Understanding the benefits of RFID technology can elevate festivals and live events. RFID can be included in your custom festival wristbands to allow cashless payments, reduce queue times, and monitor entry control and security.


With 20+ years experience in the festival security industry, we have worked alongside the world’s leading event and festival organisers to develop a range of custom festival wristbands, as well as accreditations. Most recently, we have worked with top UK festivals such as All Points East, Shambala and Black Deer.
Our festival wristbands are the most secure in the UK, with patented locking systems held exclusively by us, providing ultra-secure tamper-proof technology. Whether it be for a day event or multi-day festival, our fabric concert and festival style wristbands are an ideal security solution for general admission or VIP access tickets.

Why buy festival wristbands from ID&C?

At ID&C, we create high quality concert bracelets and custom festival wristbands, tailored to your event, from Tyvek wristbands, to Vinyl or Fabric Wristbands. With our highly experienced and knowledgeable sales team and talented art workers, we can help you make your own festival wristbands for any event, large or small. You can even use our hassle-free custom wristband designer to tailor your wristband to your event’s every need.You can customise your festival style wristbands with a wide array of security features that help prevent counterfeiting, pass-backs as well as considerably reducing queuing times. Your attendees can also have peace of mind knowing cashless festival wristbands reduce the chance of cash being lost or stolen during an event.

Custom Festival Wristbands

We pride ourselves on producing unique, personalised festival wristbands. With our easy-to-use wristband designer tool you can create a festival style wristband specifically tailored to your live event.
When you make your own festival wristbands, you can choose your ideal style, colour, background, type of lock and personalisations such as logo or text. Your custom festival wristbands will act as a promotional tool raising the awareness of your event whilst also helping to control accessibility into the festival.

RFID Concert & Festival Wristbands

At ID&C, we combine our custom festival wristbands with RFID to create an even more secure festival credential. RFID enhances the festival experience for you, your staff and your attendees.
With RFID festival wristbands you can reduce queueing times, go cashless, and improve security and access control. Our RFID technology also allows you to gain valuable data and insights in your customers’ behaviours, such as where they are spending their money and how they interact with and move around your venue. You can read more about the benefits of RFID festival wristbands in our blog.

Our Wristband Mailers are an ideal accompaniment for your festival guests if you are choosing one of our RFID options, as the mailer can feature clear RFID activation instructions. If you are also providing VIP passes or parking badges to customers, you should also find out more about our other RFID products, such as RFID Laminate Passes and RFID Vehicle Passes.

 Eco Friendly Festival Style Wristbands

Ensuring that your festival is as eco-friendly as possible is important, especially in today’s climate crisis. We are delighted that we now have a range of eco-conscious festival products to help you provide a greener event and lower the environmental impact. From our new festival style recycled wristbands with bamboo locks, to lanyards, recyclable event guides and security passes, we have everything you need to control your event and take care of the planet at the same time!


Non-transferable, custom RFID wristbands prevent unauthorized access and eradicate the possibility of duplication.

Increased Revenues
Increased Revenues

RFID provides convenient purchasing power by reducing transaction time, resource, and the cost associated with cash handling.

Improved Guest Experience
Improved Guest Experience

Faster payments, shorter lines, and streamlined operations contribute to the satisfaction of your customers

Festivals we work with


Reduce queuing times, go cashless, and improve security and access control with RFID technology. Enhance the festival experience for your visitors with social media integration and optimised merchandising, gain valuable data and insights into their behaviour, where they are spending their money and how they interact with and move around the venue.


We now have a range of products for the eco-conscious festival organiser to help you provide a greener event and lower the environmental impact. From our new recycled wristbands and bamboo locks, to lanyards, recyclable event guides and security passes.

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