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Greener Wristbands

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Greener Wristbands is the new sustainability initiative from ID&C and More Bins. The project has been designed to reduce the carbon footprint of festivals and other live events by recycling and re-using their discarded or unused fabric wristbands and lanyards. As well as working closely with organisers on their eco-initiatives, the Greener Wristbands project will see a series of innovative recycling workshops visit festivals across the UK this summer, engaging with audiences and promoting the issues of sustainability in exciting ways.

How does it work?

Option 1: After your event has finished, send back any unused, broken or discarded fabric wristbands and lanyards to ID&C and we'll put them into the Greener Wristbands recycling programme, where they are reconstructed into useful items including coasters, headbands, wallets and bags.

Option 2: More Bins collect and sort any unused, discarded wristbands, lanyards and other festival waste on site during the event. Then More Bins and ID&C work together to put the unused products into the Greener Wristbands recycling programme.

How do I take part in Greener Wristbands?

It's simple. If you're a customer of ID&C or More Bins, you can join the initiative right away. Just fill in the form below, submit your details and we'll send you a registration pack. Don't worry! If you're not a current customer of ID&C or More Bins but would like to get involved, complete the form and we will get in touch. We'll find a way to make your wristbands greener.

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