Personalised Wristbands

ID&C offers the UK's largest range of custom event wristbands. With over 25 years experience in the promotional and live event industries, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality printed wristbands with fast turn around times.

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Personalised Wristbands

Printed Event Wristbands

All our personalised wrsitbands can be enhanced with custom print or bought from plain stock. From RFID, the ultimate in high security wristband technology, to barcodes, patented locks and simple custom Tyvek wristbands.

We offer printed Paper Tyvek Wristbands, Plastic Vinyl Wristbands, Printed Silicone Wristbands, Printed or Woven Wristbands and RFID enabled Wristbands.

Tyvek & Chroma Wristbands

Tyvek or paper wristbands, offer a cheap and simple solution for admission control at events, nightclubs and parties. The tamper-proof design ensures they are non-transferrable and can be personalised with black print, or full-colour Chroma for a more premium look. We also have the very popular pre-printed tyvek and chroma options for schools, events and holidays.

Vinyl Wristbands

Vinyl wristbands, also known as plastic wristbands, are recommended for multi-day events as they are more comfortable and more durable than Tyvek wristbands. Our vinyl wristbands use a self-locking clip, that when closed, cannot be undone.

Vinyl Removable Tab WristbandBands with tabs for food & drink

Fabric Wristbands

Our fabric wristbands are available in woven or satin cloth materials and when customised, are highly secure. Woven wristbands are most commonly used at music festivals, but have become a popular wristband choice for any kind of event. A really popular wristband for weddings and stag/hen dos is the Adjustable Bead variety as they are great keep-sakes. Our custom fabric wristbands can also be personalised with branding for large events such as festivals.

Other Fabric Wristband OptionsOther Fabric Options

Silicone Wristbands

Often referred to as rubber wristbands, our silicone wristbands are indeed made from a silicon material which is soft, durable, waterproof and comfortable to wear. The standard silicone wristband is ideal to be used as a charity wristband to promote campaigns and awareness schemes. However when combined with RFID technology, they are also perfect for hotels, waterparks and other leisure resorts.

RFID Wristbands

At ID&C we've supplied more than 8 million RFID wristbands to festivals and events around the world. With our patented Smartlock they become the world's most secure personalised wristbands for events. Our RFID technology can be utilised with many different variations of our wristbands to cater to all different types of events and venues.

Security Wristbands

For security, our TyvekVinyl or Fabric wristbands are the best option for your event. Each of these wristbands comes with a type of secure, single use tamper proof clasp (or wristband lock). You can even design your own wristbands and buy them online.

Promotional Wristbands

Silicone wristbands are most suitable for promotional purposes. They can be printed with a charity message, logo or slogan and come in any colour as well as different shapes. Choose from embossed, debossed, printed and ink filled silicone wristbands.

If you are looking for custom wristbands to personlaise for your event we've got you covered! Customise to your heart's content or design from scratch using our unique wristband design service.

Design Your Own Custom Wristbands

  • Security Features
    Ultimate Security:

    We have the largest range of wristband security features including patented wristband locks, barcodes, RFID and holograms.

  • Recycled & Sustainable:

    We offer a wristband recycle program for your unused event wristbands.

  • Need Help Choosing?

    Contact one of our wristband specialists for in-depth knowledge and a tailored quote.

Who shops with us?
parklife festival

ID&C came very highly recommended and provided a great quality product, alongside knowledgeable support and high level customer service. Their wristbands were the most secure we've ever used. Accreditation manager, Parklife

sonar festival

The implementation of cashless solutions, thanks to Glownet, and the RFID wristbands from ID&C, was undoubtedly one of the factors that have made Sonar Barcelona 2015 a great success. Executive director, Sonar

nme awards

An efficient and professional service, delivered by friendly and accommodating staff - ID&C were a pleasure to work with on accreditation and ticketing for this year's NME AwardsMarketing manager, IPC Media

wembley stadium

For years ID&C has provided an impeccable service in the design, production and delivery of all my accreditation needs. Staff are always friendly and accommodating, even at the shortest of notice periods and discretion is always assuredEvent manager, Wembley

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