'Golf is big business in America. More than 1-in-4 Americans age 6 or older, 82 million people in total, consume some form of golf media. That’s a huge market - not only of players but of people who simply love to watch the game. Making it a lucrative and appealing market for advertisers and media outlets. 

To give you a scale of the potential footfall at a golf tournament, the Waste Management Phoenix Open welcomed a record-breaking 719,179 people through its gates at TPC Scottsdale’s Stadium Course in 2019, the largest number for any PGA Tour event in history.

Events with such a large attendance require ticketing, entrance, and security to run as efficiently as possible. And, with the colossal Masters only a few days away, we take a look at how RFID technology could be used to optimize one of golf's most prestigious tournaments.

1 – Security

With the use of RFID wristbands, event organisers can control access points for visitors, staff, and vendors. Having a clear understanding of who is allowed access into which areas. Have some last minute VIP guests? Or maybe some temp staff picking up a shift, with RFID wristbands you have the ability to act flexibly to edit access last minute at the click of a button.

2 – Alcohol Consumption

If you want or need to keep alcohol consumption at a limit, it’s easy with RFID wristbands. By creating a digital token system connected to an RFID wristband, you can limit the number of drinks each guest is given or allowed to purchase. They can also be used as a form of I.D. By inputting attendees date of birth, your staff can understand quickly who is of legal age to buy alcohol without the need for repeat I.D requests or a visual wristband check.

3 – Sponsorship / Experience

With a good idea in place, RFID wristbands can help boost sponsorship or social experiences across your event. For example, in 2014, ID&C provided 100,000 RFID-enabled wristbands, helping to turn the 2014 Ryder Cup at Gleneagles into a contactless playground for sports fans. Fitted with 7 activation kiosks for brands including BMW and SkySports, tournament ticketholders took part in activities including a 'digital high-five', a virtual 'walk the course' tour and a competition to win a stay at Gleneagles.

4 – Exclusivity & Convenience

From VIP upgrades to exclusive areas, and competition giveaways for high-value ticket buyers, the possibilities are endless for making your guests feel extra special.  In addition, variable data such as section, row and seat info can be printed on to a wristband. This leaves guests less reliant on the help of the staff to find their specific seats. It's like having a ticket conveniently on your wrist. And, it's definitely more convenient than getting your phone out repeatedly!

Everything is geared to be more efficient, save organisers and guests more time that they can spend enjoying unforgettable experiences. 

5 – Operational Improvements

By collecting data from your RFID wristbands as guests move around your event, you can continuously improve operations. From reduced lines and wait times to overcrowding on temporary structures with weight restrictions. It can also be used for fire marshall checks to quickly understand how many people are in one area at a time, and restrict this to a set number.

6 – Data collection

The data that can be collected at your golf tournament is like gold dust for event organisers and sponsors. It will really help you understand ticket sales, revenue growth from sponsorship deals, popular points of interest across your event, and areas that can be improved.

7 – Save money  

While you may think RFID wristbands will cost you more money, they're actually a cost-effective alternative for your tournament. Not only can you reduce the number of credentials required by streamlining everything into one RFID band, but there’s also no need for various tickets, which can be easily lost, or ruined in outdoor weather. Wristbands are comfortable, convenient, and also a nice little memento for your guests to remember the event by.

8 – Increase revenues – cashless payments

Cashless payment options are proven to increase food and beverage sales at events. The removal of physical money makes people less hesitant to spend their money. They'll spend more time enjoying their day, hands-free. They no longer need to worry about having the right cash, or not losing their wallet. Payments are made with a convenient tap of the wrist. This also saves time for staff, helping to reduce customer wait times. Ultimately keeping everyone happy.