Coachella Vally Music and Arts Festival - 2011

The challenge

To provide organisers with an access control solution that would prevent the re-sale of tickets, drastically reduce wristband pass-backs and give greater control over the admission of guests. In 2010, Coachella organisers struggled with worries of over capacity after many wristbands were being either copied or easily removed and passed over the gate, therefore whatever solution used, the event wristbands themselves had to have additional security features preventing any chance of reproduction.

The solution

ID&C collaborated with RFID systems provider Intellitix to offer Coachella a contact-less access control solution replacing physical tickets with custom designed RFID wristbands. The system used a secure database of ticket-holders' information which linked to ID&C's RFID wristbands through an encrypted 16-digit UID code. The wristbands featured an RFID chip encased in a watertight tag and were fitted with the company’s patented Smartlock® closure. The wristbands also featured a range of security weaves, making forgery practically impossible. Intellitix provided an RFID portal system across the entrance of the Coachella festival site, where upon entry; patrons tapped their RFID wristbands on the portals for instant access. 

The result

ID&C’s custom designed festival wristbands, coupled with an RFID SmartCard gave organisers a robust identity solution that ran in sync with the RFID hardware and systems to completely eradicate touting, secondary ticket sales and wristband pass backs.

The RFID system gave event managers complete control over the admission process, generating real-time attendance figures depicting how many fans were in our outside of the main arenas.

When accessing the festival site, the RFID portals read the RFID chips in the wristbands, instantly matching the UID to the corresponding ticket information, granting access to fans in less than a second. This additional benefit also helped to drastically reduce queuing times and alleviate pressure on security personnel.