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5 Ultimate Security Wristband Features for Event Organisers

security wristbands

Almost every day our customers ask us 'what are the best security wristband features?'

Organisers want to make sure that nobody can copy their wristbands and get unauthorised access to their event.

Why? Because oversubscribed events can be dangerous if the safe capacity is exceeded.

And, It can also result in a bad experience for genuine paying guests, losses in revenue, a loss of license and ultimately the end of the event.

OK, so this is a worst case scenario. But still, this is why security is so important for events, and one element of a safe and secure event are the event wristbands.

When it comes to security features, there isn't a 'one size fits all' option. Every event is different and therefore has different requirements.

So, we're going to show you five of the top security wristband features that are most commonly used.

1. The Wristband Lock

security wristband locks

What is a wristband lock?

A wristband lock is a small clasp (or toggle) that fastens a wristband to its subject's wrist, preventing its removal.

Every security wristband has a lock which, by its very nature, is secure. But, like everything in life, people want options. Here are ours:

  • The Barrel Lock: a plastic tube (or barrel!) that slides one-way onto a fabric wristband.
  • The SmartLock: a plastic clasp with a metal pin, designed to pierce a fabric wristband and prevent removal.
  • Metal Ring: This is a classic, yet very reliable closure made from aluminium. The ring is crimped with a tool to fuse the two ends of the wristbands together.
  • The Loop Lock: a type of socket and stud lock that loops over a fabric wristband and fastens into a wrist-watch type of hole.
  • Socket & Stud: The kind of lock used on all of our vinyl wristbands. Once secure, it can not be removed without being destroyed.
  • Self adhesive tab: This is the type of fastener used to secure our Tyvek wristbands

What about re-usable locks?

Reusable locks wouldn't normally make their way onto a list of security features. But, some events actually encourage sharing of wristbands and others simply do not have a requirement for controlled access.

2. UV Wristbands

UV (ultra violet) is one of the most commonly asked for security wristband features.

What is UV? Ultra violet is actually a type of radiation produced by the sun or synthetic light sources like sun beds.

Sounds scary. But, in the world of print and wristbands, the term UV is a kind of a slang term for something that 'glows in the dark'. The glow is triggered by a UV light, (sometimes referred to as a black light) that is often found amongst the lighting arrangement in nightclubs and festivals.

At ID&C, we provide two variations of UV wristbands.

1. We can weave special UV treated threads into any of our fabric wristbands. This is a great security feature that is very difficult to replicate, especially in a short space of time.

To validate the wristbands as genuine, have your security staff and gate staff carry a small black light. The lights usually fit in a pocket and run for days on a couple of batteries. You can get them on Amazon.

2. We can print UV ink onto vinyl wristbands and Tyvek wristbands. This enables our customers to add security features across their entire accreditation.

3. Security Foils & Holograms

Printing a security foil or hologram onto a wristband is a great way to increase the security and prevent fake copies.

What's the difference between a foil and a hologram? 

Put simply, a foil refers to the material used, whereas a hologram refers to the visual effect created. Foils can have a holographic effect though, but holograms are typically made from ultra thin layers of plastic.

holographic foils

Customers can have foils printed onto Tyvek wristbands. Or, they can have custom holographic stickers made for applying to vinyl wristbands.

There are also plain metallic wristbands with a holographic effect.

4. Barcode Wristbands

Printing a barcode is a basic, yet fool proof method of improving accuracy with access and identification.

It is very common these days to see barcodes used on concert tickets. In fact, some ticketing companies only provide digital tickets, which are only validated with a unique bar code.

Taking this tried and tested technology, and applying barcodes to wristbands helps an event increase its security as well as its operational efficiencies.

Barcode wristbands

Wikipedia describes a barcode as "...an optical, machine-readable, representation of data; the data usually describes something about the object that carries the barcode."

For an event wristband, the 'data' and 'object' would be the 'ticket details' and 'ticket holder'.

In 2014, barcode wristbands were used to speed-up arena access for the 50,000 fans at the Isle of Wight Festival. The same technology was also used to link children's wristbands to the contact details of their parents, in case they got lost.

Bar code wristbands can be made in Tyvek, vinyl and fabric materials.

5. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

rfid wristbands

RFID is the latest and most high-tech feature available on a security wristband.

The benefits of RFID technology for events is widely commented on. Eventbrite, a popular event ticketing company, does a great job of describing the benefits of RFID in this blog post.

The three main applications of RFID technology for events are:

  1. Cashless Payments - With RFID, event attendees have the facility to pay for goods via an RFID wristband that can be pre-loaded with credit and topped-up or connected to a credit card.Food and beverage vendors use small contactless terminals that enable users to tap their RFID wristbands to activate and authenticate a purchase.

Using cashless payments at events can increase on-site spend by 35%

2. Contactless Access Control - In this scenario, an RFID wristband can be used in place of a traditional printed concert ticket. Details like ticket type, name and access are stored on a back-end RFID system, and authenticated by tapping a wristband against a scanner.

3. Brand Activation - Using RFID technology, event organisers are able to connect attendee's social media accounts with their event wristbands. Via digital photo booths fitted with RFID scanners, festival goers can do things like share their experience in real time without having to use their mobile phones.

This provides event organisers with the ability to extend the promotion of their event beyond those attending, and in real time.

We work with industry leading RFID companies to help integrate our RFID wristbands technology at all kinds of events.

RFID technology can be embedded into all of our core wristband types, but is most commonly an additional feature of a fabric wristband.


No two events are the same, which is why our customers can choose from a wide range of security wristband features.

From UV print to RFID cashless payments, adding more security will improve the operation of your event.

Improving the experience for your attendees generally means they are more likely to tell others about how awesome your festival was, or how quick it was to get in.

Improve operations = Happy people = Sell more tickets


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A-Z of Music Festivals

We’re feeling all giddy here at the ID&C HQ as we say see-ya to the longest January ever and look ahead to the summer. As festivals slowly start name-dropping their lineups (although we're having way too much fun playing "guess the headliner")  we’ve taken matters in our own hands and compiled an A-Z list of our top festival picks for 2017. Enjoy!

Festival Roundup

A is for...Ambassador. Sign up for new electric festival Groove Loch Ness and earn yourself a free ticket for every 6 you sell on to your mates...and hone your entrepreneurial skills in the process.

B is for... Bestival. Unless you've been hibernating under a rock, you'll have heard that it's is on the move to Dorset's fancy Lulworth Estate from its old home on the Isle of Wight. We wonder what theme will fancy dress take this year? Share your predictions here for the chance of winning the festival glory trophy*


C is for... Cheese-rolling festival at Coopers Hill. Rumour has it that the cheese reaches speeds of over 70mph - now that’s extreme cheese chasing.

D is for... Downpours. Ah yes it's inevitable and last year the rain was off the scale! But this won't stand in our way of a rocking-weekend.


E is for... Eastern Electrics is moving. From Hatfield House to a brand new central London location. But don't worry folks as they promise this years line-up is their biggest ever!

F is for... Festival Awards. A staple great night in our calendar celebrating the best of the bunch. These guys are in the know. Check them out for inspiration of where to head this year at www.festivalawards.com

G is for... Grass Roots - the hotly anticipated bursary by ID&C. There's still time to enter for 2017’s entry here: https://www.idcband.com/grass-roots/ but don't leave it too late as entrants close in April!

H is for... Hot air balloons galore at Bristol International Balloon fiesta, a fabulous free four-day festival that promotes fun for all the family.

I is for... Independent music festivals doing what they do best.

J is for... Jumping Bean Burrito’s crew feeding the masses with mouthwatering Mexican nosh.

K is for... Kigu’s. Huh? Yes, expect these animal character costumes to make another strong appearance this summer.  


L is for...Lovebox. You'll find us grooving to the smooth tones of Frank Ocean, then swanning around the treasure trove of Vintage wares run by stylist to the stars Judy Berger.

M is for... Manchester Pride 2017, which will see fashionista Gok Wan making an appearance on the decks spinning some 90s deep house and reggae on the Main Stage.


N is for... New electronic music discoveries at Noisily. The unexpected finds at festivals are the best.

O is for... bavarian madness at Oktoberfest. They'll see around 6 million punters consuming 7.7 million litres of beer and many, many Knödel’s. Fun times. 

P is for... Pendulum, who are announced to headline sw4 - their first London gig in 5 years!

Q is for... Queens of the Stone Age are set to release their new record and head out on a world tour in 2017, so although nothing's set in stone (excuse the pun) we reckon a festival appearance could be pretty likely.


R is for... RFID used by millions at the world’s best festivals. Access control, cashless payments and social media integration - high-tech and innovative, it’s the way forward.

S is for... Sustainability, a growing trend on the scene. Shambala made the bold move to be the first meat and fish free festival last year and we reckon others will follow suit. The first fruitarian festival title is still up for grabs...

T is for... Truants. The tattooed heavy metal crew making the annual 168 mile ride-out from London’s Alexandra Palace to Donington Park for Download Festival.

U is for... Unicorn glitter - it’s a thing! And will be seen on all the cool Coachella kids.

V is for... Variety Bazaar? Nah we hadn't heard of it either. But wait, it's rumoured to be the Glastonbury's brand new festival in 2019 held somewhere "halfway to the Midlands". More information please!


W is for... Wet Wipes. Ah the festival staple. Need we say more?

X is for... the XX, doing the rounds this summer with confirmed sets at Lollapalooza, Coachella, Flow and Lowlands so far. 

Y is for... Yachting Festivals. Sail and party with your mates and hundreds of others in a stunning bay. On a yacht. Not too shabby!


Z is for... Zooloos offering VIP wristbands to access luxury, portable toilets complete with hot showers and pamper areas. 

Roll on Summer 2017!

*This doesn't actually exist...but we'd like to hear your predictions anyway

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ID&C Christmas Countdown - Final Week

It's official, there are only 5 working days left until Christmas Day. It's time to pick yourself up and dust yourself off after 'Mad Friday' and get cracking with last minute preparations! But before you hit the shops in blind panic and throw tinsel up haphazardly, why not kick back with a strong cup'a'Joe and read over some of our tips to help point you in the right direction.

Faux Snow

Snow is falling, all around me… No need to wait for snow, spread the joy with your own snow-like décor. Thread cotton balls on twine, spacing them out and securing each with a knot on either side as you go. Great fun to hang on the window and watch your family’s faces light up with childlike glee on Christmas morning!



Santa Selfie

This year, photo booths were everywhere at parties, weddings and events. It’s ridiculously easy to set up at home to create an unforgettable Christmas party. All you need to do is download this printable template here , get some foam backing and sticks (wooden skewers work well) and you’re ready to capture silly selfie snaps!




Unique Decorations

Continuing our handmade Christmas decorations theme at the ID&C HQ, we’re getting creative with Tyvek wristbands. Simple yet effective!

Psst, don’t forget the last order date for Tyvek bands in time for Christmas is Wednesday 21st. Same for stock items too!



Personalised Sound Wave Print

Sometimes personalised favourite song gifts can seem a little…well, tacky. But this is far from it! Remember that song you and your mates went wild for at a festival this summer? A metallic sound wave print makes for a thoughtful gift and an awesome piece of art in one (£30, notonthehighstreet.com).


Reindeer Food

Every year Rudolph and his friends bust a gut to deliver all those presents and these days a raw carrot just won’t suffice! Guide Rudolph and his reindeer crew on Christmas Eve with magical reindeer food presented in cute hessian sacks. Your little ones can help join in on the fun for a real family effort.


Phew, now you're ready for your unconventional Christmas Day! Don't forget to share your efforts on our social pages, we love to see your unique ideas. The crazier the better!

Merry Christmas everyone and see you on the other side.

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ID&C's Christmas Countdown - Week 3

Hurrah, it's not too long to wait and see what santa has brought us! With just over a week to Christmas Countdown,  you're probably hearing helpful Christmas tips such as: give your house a "deep clean", send final Christmas cards and buy your non-perishable food staples etc. Whilst this is all sound advice, here at ID&C we're sounding out more interesting, out-the-box festive tips!

Wine Elf

How fancy are these little dudes! They will be an instant hit at your Christmas get-together and thankfully, are easy-peasy to make. Just cut felt into an 8x10 rectangle and some faux fur into a triangle roughly 2 inches wide by 4 inches long. Wrap felt rectangle into a cone shape, securing the edges with fabric glue as you wrap. Glue the faux fur "beard" to the inside of the felt "hat" and finish with a small pom-pom "nose." And they are good to go!


Festive Nails

Some might say coordinating nails to match the holiday season is too much, but not us! There are tons of original tutorials out there, it's too hard to choose one. Snowmen and snowflakes? Candy cane stripes? Or gold and glittery...whatever you decide, share your efforts on our social page as we love to salute originality at ID&C! Here is a snippet of those that nailed it...(Oh yes, pun intended!)



Fill Your Own Bauble

Want to create your own winter wonderland inside your home? This bauble from Shabbystore.co.uk (£4 for 6) is a perfect start. Fill your clear glass bauble with twigs, feathers, sweets, glitter...anything you fancy to make your Christmas tree unique and interesting! Of course we had to go with a festival wristband theme. Give to a friend as a brilliant memento of your summer!



National Christmas Jumper Day

Every year people take part in Christmas Jumper Day across the UK and this year it will take place on Friday 16th December.  Workplaces and schools will be taking part in the day to raise money for Save the Children. All you need to do is sign up at www.christmasjumperday.org, and donate £2, or £1 if you're at school.

Share a selfie of your novelty woolly and we will pick our favourite!



The Christmas Album

Chestnut's roasting on an open fire...an absolute classic! A yuletide anthem no less. Rumour has it that the song was written during a blistering hot summer. In an effort to "stay cool by thinking cool", the most-performed Christmas song was born. Who knew?



Next week we bring you (ahem, all together now) "The Final Countdown" Christmas blog! Love an 80's throwback.

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ID&C's Christmas Countdown - Week 2

As we head into Week 2 of our Christmas Countdown, it might feel like the to-do list is stacking up... but don't worry, we've got it covered! From gift wrapping to Rudolf unravelling, we bring you top tips and Christmas activities to make your Christmas as stress-free as possible.

Fancy Christmas Wrapping

2016 was officially 'pom-pom takeover' in the fashion world, and boy are we pleased this kitsch trend has spilled over into our festivities! We are shaking our pom-pom's at these fabulous packaging ideas. Colourful, fun and cheerful, they are a sure-fire way to raise a smile, even from the grouchiest bah-humbug!




Novelty Wristband decor

Tyvek wristbands are not just for access control! We couldn't resist the temptation to make novelty wristband garlands to add some Christmas cheer to the ID&C hub. We plumped for candy stripes, classic plain red, silver and gold...effective, no? And we offer next day delivery on plain or black print tyvek right up until 21st December, so there's still plenty of time to get your order in time for Christmas and New Year parties. Result!



DIY Table Centrepiece

Before you stuff your odds-and-ends of gift wrapping paper in the bin - stop! We've found a great (and easy!) tutorial on a DIY Christmas Tree Origami table centrepiece. It's inexpensive, effective, and a brilliant way to engage the kids when they're cooped up over the Christmas holidays. You can leave the trees without any decor on top, or glue the tops with foam, glittery stars, or even add mini pom-poms to continue the kitsch gift wrapping theme.




Let the good times flow

It's all about an afternoon aperitif for that pre-lunch pick-me-up, and this Sparkling Clementine Thyme Christmas Cocktail hits the mark. Combining Vodka, sparkling clementine juice, pomegranate and lemon thyme, it packs a light, refreshing and festive punch. If you're feeling particularly fancy, serve with complimentary canapé's such as Sticky Duck Sliders  and Goats Cheese Crostini with caramelised Fennel...Yum!


Pass the...Rudolph!

Unroll Rudolph Party Game (£8.99) is a hilarious take on pass the parcel, a classic party game that gets everybody of all ages in the party spirit. Unravel 24 layers of coloured tissue paper to reveal a joke or trinket hidden in each layer and a prize at it's centre for the ultimate winner. Up the festive cheer ante and play along to Christmas songs to really get the party started!



Stay tuned for Week 3 of Christmas Countdown with ID&C!

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ID&C'S Christmas Countdown - Week 1

Tis' the most wonderful time of the year...but can also be the craziest! To help focus your thoughts through the hazy blur that is December, we offer our top tips and picks leading up to the big day to inspire y'all. Here's the first 5 coming your way!

Create your own advent calendar.

Standard confectionary calendars do the job, but if you want to exceed yourself then here's a fun way to get creative (and impress your houseguests!)
We recommend filling with miniature booze bottles, pick-me-up beauty gifts and comical photos taken with your mates at summer festivals, to beat those winter blues!


Chocolate cupcakes with Baileys Irish Buttercream frosting. 

Baileys. And chocolate. A match-made in heaven! These delights are a sure-fire way to impress your colleagues at your office Christmas party.

Check out ID&Cs attempt...and we can vouch that they taste even better than they look!

Show off your ice skating skills...

at an outdoor skate park. Whether you're more Bambi-on-ice than Torvill and Dean, the exclusive Club Nights hosted at Somerset House, London featuring international DJs and a pop-up Fortnum's Christmas Arcade sounds too good to miss!



A gift for music lovers.

If you're on the hunt for a cool stocking filler for your colleague, then look no further. These Vinyl Coasters (£9.99 for 6) are the perfect amalgamation of retro style and practicality. They look and feel just like miniature records, complete with non-slip ridges and record labels.secret-santa-gift-music-vinyl

Last Order Dates for Christmas Delivery

Planning a Christmas/NYE gathering? Make sure you order your party wristbands and VIP passes in plenty of time and keep your party running securely!

Pop these key last order dates in your diary to ensure Christmas delivery.

Custom Lanyards and silicone wristbands need to be ordered by Monday 5th December. You can order your bespoke woven barrel lock wristbands up until the 12th December and Laminate and Passes need to be ordered by the 14th. You have up until Sunday 18th to get your vinyl wristband orders in, and right up until the 21st December to order bespoke black print Tyvek and stock products.


Stay tuned folks for next week's top tips, which will include a festive festival-inspired decorative display...

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ID&C's Black Friday Deals

IDC Black Friday Deals

For fellow shopaholics out there or even those who are feeling the impending Christmas gift-buying panic, Black Friday is an anticipated date in our diaries. Stores will unveil their immense reductions and customers will flock to hunt-out the best deals, often leaving their sanity and dignity at the door! Definitely not one for the faint-hearted...

Where did it start?

We wonder how and why did Black Friday become a thing in the UK anyway? Well just like all fun exports such as Halloween, theme Parks and ten-pin bowling, it made its way over from the US. Nowadays most retailers run the promotions online and this has extended to a four-day shopping extravaganza rounding off with Cyber Monday. From all accounts, this annual holiday is here to stay...great news for us savvy shoppers!

Of course here at ID&C we've jumped on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday bandwagon with amazing deals for you to snap up.

ID&C Black Friday Wristband Deals

  • Get 20% off Tyvek and Vinyl wristbands from Wed 23rd–Black Friday 25th 2016, use code: BLACK20
  • 15% off Lanyards & Silicone wristbands on Cyber Monday 2016, use code: CYBER15

So if you're looking for a way to manage your guests and identify staff for parties, festivals and events without having to face the crazy chaos out there, you can use our online designer to create your own custom wristbands and lanyards, all from the comfort of your sofa. That's how we like to roll!


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Make Oktoberfest Better With RFID

Oktoberfest is a bacchanalian extravaganza – beer, food, lederhosen, German music, and crazy crowds. It’s messy, busy and fun. If festival organisers aren’t careful though, the messiness and busyness can get in the way of the fun. Long queues, slow payment systems, risk of theft – these all hinder the Oktoberfest experience.

Arnie Enjoying Oktoberfest

At ID&C, we’ve worked with some of the biggest music festivals in the world to implement RFID wristband technology, with amazing results. Processes are more efficient, customers are happier, vendors make more money and festival organisers have cause for celebration. Read on to discover why we want to bring RFID to Oktoberfest celebrations everywhere.

Long queues are bad for business

At large festivals, queues are to be expected. But some queues – those especially slow, long ones where you doubt you’ll ever make it to the front – are not okay. Those kinds of queues mean big losses in revenue, as people give up, leave early and buy less. With RFID wristbands, festivals can go cashless, which reduces average transaction time and encourages spending. At recent cashless festivals, spending has risen between 35% and 100% compared to using cash or card.


Most payment systems are tedious

Cash, token and card payment systems are the industry standards, but they all have their downsides. Customers queue twice for cash and tokens; vendors count their revenue piece by piece. And amidst the rowdy Oktoberfest atmosphere, cash and tokens are easily lost or stolen. Card payment systems might be a bit easier, but not all cards are universally accepted, and vendors lose profits to credit card companies.

RFID simplifies and streamlines the payment system. Customers don’t have to carry cash, queue for tokens or check that their cards are accepted. Vendors don’t have to count their revenue manually or pay card fees. With more transparency in overall takings, Oktoberfest organisers can more accurately handle reconciliations and ultimately make more money.

RFID improves data capture and digital engagement

Oktoberfest has an incredibly strong brand that customers know and love. RFID makes engaging with this brand super easy. Customers can link their social media accounts to their RFID wristband for instantly posted updates. Vendors can boost their engagement by running interactive social media competitions during the festival. All of these digital engagements, as well as sales, stock and revenue information, is captured with RFID. This enables accurate measurement which can be used to improve performance in future years.


RFID improves security

Fake tickets, pass-backs, overcrowded beer tents – these can all be common problems at Oktoberfest; RFID offers simple solutions. For ticket fraud, this means wristbands and passes that are harder to fake than paper tickets. RFID also provides accurate access control – once someone has entered with an RFID pass, that pass cannot be reused by someone else. For overcrowding and public safety, RFID provides better real-time data. When organisers know where the biggest crowds are, they can send additional staff to prevent accidents and support crowd control.

RFID is virtually fool-proof to use

As a wristband and pass supplier, ID&C partners with the world’s leading RFID technology companies to create RFID systems that anyone can use. Festival organisers can rely on backup servers and real-time reporting to ensure smooth, uninterrupted sales. Customers are already familiar with contactless payment systems, so adapting to RFID wristbands is easy. With a simple tap or scan, they’ve purchased a pint and can continue their fun. If the wristband is lost or stolen, it can be immediately deactivated and a new one issued.

Ultimately, RFID technology helps to make Oktoberfest exactly what it’s supposed to be – a relaxed, safe, fun celebration of all things Bavarian, with plenty of bier and brezeln to go around. Prost!


If you’re interested in finding out more about how RFID can transform your Oktoberfest celebrations, get in touch today.

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Winners Announced - Grass Roots Festival Bursary 2016

Image Credit: Kipperklock Photography Image Credit: Kipperklock Photography

Drumroll please... after much deliberation Elderflower Fields have been announced as this year's ID&C Grass Roots Festival Bursary winners!

The response this year has been overwhelming and we have been truly humbled and inspired by the efforts each event goes to to make their festival a success.

Family friendly Elderflower Fields scooped the £2500 prize after wowing us with their green commitments and huge community effort, which includes teaming up with The Real Junk Food Project who save any leftover food from landfill.

Organiser, Stuart Balkham said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for us, not only does it enable money to be invested in other areas of the festival, but the ability to upgrade our wristbands will undoubtedly improve security too.”

He added, “It really feels like the icing on the cake for us to be able to provide customers and crew with lovely fabric wristbands, adding a touch of quality to the festival goers’ experience.”

This time of year is always busy for festival organisers and we'd like to thank all of those who applied wishing them the best of luck with their events this summer.

Apply for the 2017 Bursary

Click to apply for the next ID&C Grass Roots Festival Bursary 2017.

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Top 6 Gifts for Music Lovers


Christmas shoppers fall under two camps, the organised savy shopper or the (much more familiar) frantic last minute kind. I can't deny that I have been guilty of the latter, but this year I've told myself it's going to be different. With the weeks whizzing past and Christmas Day soon taking centre stage. It’s time to put down the mince pies and get organised, but where do you start?

Working in an office full of music lovers and festival fans I'm pretty confident in saying that music gifts are going to be a winner this time.

So what Christmas gifts do you give the music lovers in your life?

Whether they're festival fanatics or a pop princess, I've been searching high and low to find some original gifts to suit all budgets.

So whether it's a secret Santa, stocking filler or extravagant present look no further, here's the shortlist.

Top 6 Gifts for Music Lovers!

1. Play & Display Vinyl Frame - £39.00 - artvinyl.com
No hipster house is complete without these ingenious frames.



2. I Love Festivals Top Trumps - £5.99 - amazon.co.uk
A winner with every age group, whether it’s bringing back memories or making new ones at £5.99 you can’t wrong.



3. Customised Festival Style Wristbands  - £75 for 50 - Click here to design yours now
Wristbands don't have to just be for festivals and events. Use our online designer and make some thoughtful personalised accessories.

4. Sequinned Bum Bag - £15.27 - etsy.com
Ridiculous, stylish, sparkly, practical and an absolute music festival essential.


5. Personalised Pub Tent - £345.99 - gettingpersonal.co.uk
When Christmas day just gets too much the recipient of this amazing gift can retreat to their own personal pub!


6. Pickmaster Plectrum Punch V2 - £16.99 prezzybox.com
There will be no need to scrabble around for plectrums with this little gadget in their life.




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