10 Lessons Disney's MagicBand Can Teach Other Theme Parks

In 2013, Disney's MagicBand revolutionized the theme park and resort industry.

Estimated to have cost over $1bn the wristbands formed part of the 'My Disney Experience' project which also tied-in the use of a cutting-edge mobile app to help guests plan and manage their trips.

For Disney, it was simple. If they enhanced the experience, more people would spend more time in their parks, ultimately, spending more money.

Five years on, we look back at how Disney's MagicBand has been used to deepen relationships with customers. And, how an intelligent RFID wristband helps create lasting experiences and drive new revenues.

But, did they get everything right?

Here are 10 things we think other resorts and theme parks can learn from Disney's MagicBand. Oh, and before we start, just in case you didn't know...

What is a MagicBand?

Disney's MagicBand is a custom wristband that acts as the central nervous system of the MyMagic+ experience. Together, the MagicBand and Disney mobile app provide ways for the Park's integrated systems to offer various enhancements for its guests.

The wearable bracelet is embedded with RFID technology used to electronically store and access ticket information, book Fast Passes, make hotel reservations, process cashless payments, and even work open the door to your Disney hotel room.

How the MagicBand design has changed over the years

1. Disney's MagicBand was a branding masterstroke

Apple, Coke, Disney. Like them or loathe them, you cannot deny their brand power.

Disney could have introduced an off-the-shelf product that functioned the same as the MagicBand and would have probably cost a whole lot less. (For the record, we have no idea what Disney's MagicBands cost, but we know enough to know they're probably not cheap).

But that's not the Disney way. They saw the MagicBand as an opportunity to create something unique. Something that guests could completely customize with their favourite colours and even their favourite Disney characters.

Customization is key

On the face of things, the MagicBands look fairly plain. The standard models are available in a simple choice of solid colours. This is no accident. The minimal design instantly created a desire for personalization. Fans who buy annual membership can have their names engraved on the bands for free.

MagicBand customization

A series of special editions would soon follow, giving park goers the chance to have something others didn't.

Disney was masterfully empowering its fans to create their own affinity with its brand. All driven by what is essentially a piece of plastic.

They thought of everything.

Disney even solved the problem of the wristband fitting different sized wrists, with each band splitting in a smaller version if required.

The original MagicBand

Put simply, MagicBands are cool. And, the fact they're tied to your wrist for the duration of your stay, gives you a weird sense of belonging that's actually kind of nice.

2. Create a product that keeps earning

The MagicBand's various customization options allowed Disney to monetize their new venture from day one.

What else did you expect?

Each year they introduce new designs, hundreds of limited editions and have an enormous range of 'MagicBandits'- little rubber push-in tags that clip around the spare holes in your MagicBand strap.

The vast options and extras hold the interest of the die-hard fans (of which Disney has many millions of) and makes it easy for little jack or sally to find the exact wristband they want mum and dad to buy them.

The Apple model...

Disney regularly rolls out new iterations, keeping the MagicBand desirable for each new generation of park-goers.

In early 2017 they introduced the MagicBand 2, with even more customizable options. The new version of the band, which is still in use, has a centre disc called the 'icon' that can be 'easily' removed with one of those tiny screwdrivers.

MagicBand with icon removed     Photo credit: Attractionsmagazine.com


This part of the MagicBand contains the RFID tag and can be switched between different style straps - while keeping all of the important data in one place.

There's even the option to turn it into a keychain. Perfect for those who insist they're too cool to wear a wristband.

3. Revive in-experience purchasing

In the age of the smartphone, sales of printed photo memories at theme parks have declined. But, Disney has managed to rejuvenate sales by adding connecting its PhotoPass service to the MagicBands.

Professional photographers are situated at prime locations throughout the parks and are more than happy to capture those special moments without any commitment to pay. And with a tap of the RFID-enabled MagicBand, visitors will shortly see the images appear within their app.

The photos are heavily water-marked, but the point is that Disney has enabled its park attendees to make the decision about purchasing photos after they've visited the park. There's less pressure on guests to commit to spending and less friction in the experience.

4. Reduce the chance of fraud

One of the most convenient features the bands offer is the ability to store validated park tickets. With a tap of their wrist on one of many RFID Mickey-branded readers at the park and a quick fingerprint check, they are in!

MagicBand used for ride entry

For families, this is a welcome convenience. No holding onto a wedge of paper tickets and scrambling at the gate to figure out who's is who's. For park operators, mixing the security of RFID with biometrics makes it practically impossible to gain invalid entry.

Keeping Disney's bottom line healthy and keeping out unwanted guests.

Could Disney do better?

If Disney could learn anything from the way music festivals use RFID wristbands, it would be to reduce the need for two types of credential to gain access to the park.

Unless residing in one of Disney's on-site hotels, annual pass holders still have to carry a Disney RFID card to validate complimentary parking. What the park could do, is have guests wear their wristbands as they approach the parking lot pay stations, and simply reach out to scan their wristbands for validated parking.

This would be one less thing to carry for families and is a super-convenient way to validate your complimentary parking.

5. Cut the queues

No one likes to waste time queuing, especially at theme parks. And Disney was able to manage this with the addition of fast passes. By introducing this free cut-the-line service, Fastpass+ allows guests to choose up to three-time slots for attractions each day where they'll only have to queue for a short time.

The fast passes are linked to the MagicBand and validated by tapping against one of the Mickey Mouse-themed RFID readers situated at the ride's entrance.

6. Make it a hassle-free experience

From airport pick-up, to resort check-in, and park visits, the MagicBand has drastically changed the way visitors do just about everything. For ultimate convenience, with just one MagicBand, guests can forget their worries of holding multiple tickets and resort room keys. And, if they are staying on-site, they can even use their MagicBand for cashless payments.   

MagicBand ecosystem

But, the pièce de résistance is the fact guests flying into for their vacation can have their luggage collected from the arrival airport and taken to their hotel room.

But how do the Disney hotel staff know which room to leave the luggage in? You guessed it, the MagicBand. Guests opting for the 'Magical Express' luggage transfer service are asked to pack their MagicBands in their checked luggage.

How does this work? The MagicBand actually has two different kinds of embedded RFID antennas. The first is known as HF, of High Frequency. These tags have a shorter reading range, which is perfect for when the bands are scanned against RFID portals around the parks to validate tickets. The other tag is a UHF or Ultra High Frequency. These tags can have a reading range beyond 10 meters, and are more suited to scanning large objects from a further distance, like people or luggage!

Upon arrival at the hotel, the guest's bags are scanned to validate guests names, reservations, and hotel rooms. Hey, presto! Luggage safely delivered to the guests' hotel room.

Now that's the definition of hassle-free service.

7. Data will help you learn faster than your competitors

Another attractive pull is the data that can be collected through RFID technology. MyMagic+ allows Disney to track guest behaviour minute-by-minute. Because Disney can scan MagicBands from a variety of touchpoints, they can gather data from every interaction.

They can track what attractions people have been on, what characters they queue to meet, and where they ate, as well as overall trends. This rich data is priceless to Disney. It gives them the agility and insight to constantly refine their offering.

They can also use this data for advertising purposes. If they know guests like a particular ride or shop, but haven’t been for a few days, and still have their passes activated, they can send offer emails to entice them back into the park.

8. Go cashless

While cashless payments are currently only available for guests staying in a Disney World hotel, research shows that RFID wristbands connected to credit cards will increase spend per head.

MagicBand used for cashless payment

Guests become detached from the physical representation of holding their money and handing it over to pay for something. It's convenient and secure for guests. It's profit-making for park operators.

Disney is missing a trick here though. Surely they should roll out cashless payments to all of their park visitors?

9. Create some hype

Anyone who has booked a Disney trip is excited about it. It’s usually something families book up to a year in advance and count down the days. Receiving a package containing MagicBands increases hype around the visit and encourages guests to share where they are going on social media.

Limited edition MagicBands

10. Connect fans with the rest of your brand ecosystem

The MagicBand is used by guests to navigate around the park. It's used to book restaurants, hotel reservations, check queue times, and book FastPasses.

But what's neat is that Disney's MagicBand keeps guests connected with the rest of the Disney ecosystem. The bands utilize the Disney app, which itself is connected to the Disney website, where visitors are connected to pretty much every part of the Disney empire.

Yes, the wristband is increasing the customer lifetime value to Disney.


5 year's ago Disney's MagicBand re-shaped the theme park experience. Delivering convenience on multiple levels, and performing as a marketing and revenue tool for the Disney Corp, this wristband has achieved a lot.

But even Disney didn't get it perfect. Its biggest rival Universal Studios recently took the wristband convenience to another level. The TapuTapu wristband at the newly-opened water park Volcano Bay, allows guests to book time-slots for rides, completely eliminating the need to queue altogether.

Other resorts and park operators may not have the capital Disney have, but they can still learn from the MagicBand.

RFID is one of the key technologies beneath all the awesome branding and functionality the MyMagic+ experience delivers.

And, RFID technology for resorts and theme parks is more popular than ever, with more system providers helping to drive-down pricing and increase the options available to park owners of all sizes.

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ID&C Have Been Nominated for a TAG Award!

We are delighted to have been nominated for the Family Run Business Silver Award category at this year's Transatlantic Growth Awards!

ID&C has achieved recognition by BritishAmerican Business and as a result we have been shortlisted for one of their prestigious awards. After opening our Florida office in January 2016, we have experienced rapid growth across the Atlantic, recently investing in a new 15,000 square foot facility to expand our US operations and accommodate our ever growing team of talented staff!

The TAG Awards celebrate successful SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) growing their transatlantic businesses, the ceremony will take place on Thursday 15th March.

To find out more about the TAG awards, visit their website here.

Best of luck to all the small-medium enterprises that have been nominated for an award!  We'll see you at the ceremony!

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Revolutionary HD Vinyl Printer Launches!

Over the past few months, ID&C have been busy investing in advanced HD printer technology and bespoke state-of-the-art software, meaning we can now officially announce the release of our new HD Vinyl Printer.

Printing on our comfortable and durable Vinyl Wristbands has traditionally been limited to single colour print, but we can now offer our customers full CMYK colour along with a greater range of customisable options, impeccable print quality and super-fast turnarounds!

HD Full Colour Vinyl Print











New print features include:

    • Full CMYK colour & white HD printing
    • Enhanced colour prints & improved detailing
    • Ability to print photographic imagery
    • Barcoding, QR codes, serialisation & variable data
    • Waterproof, scratch proof, flexible & durable material
    • Faster production times
    • One colour, two colour & full colour options available
    • Produced in the UK

Full Cour HD Vinyl Print








See our printer in action

Free sample packs

Free Sample packs for our new full colour vinyl wristbands are now available. Please request here and we'll post some out to you.

Alternatively, get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable sales team to find out more about our new printing services or to request a quote.

Call us: +44 (0)845 450 7085
Email us: [email protected]

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8 Benefits of Using RFID Wristbands for Resorts & Attractions

The use of RFID wristbands for resorts and attractions has grown significantly in the past 5 years.

Ever since Disney’s MagicBand burst on the scene in 2013, the theme park industry has rapidly adopted RFID technology. Age-old paper wristbands and tickets are being replaced with cutting-edge state-of-the-art contactless passes, in the form of wristbands or cards.

But, RFID tags are nothing new in the leisure industry, hotel key cards have utilised RFID since early 2000.

Now, attractions are rolling out the technology across multiple functions, putting RFID technology at the heart of their operation.

Less time waiting in line for guests, and increased revenues for owners are just two of the well-documented benefits of RFID wristbands. But, there are many other ways to get more bang for your RFID buck.

With that in mind, here’s a list of 8 benefits RFID wristbands can bring to your attraction, resort or theme park.

  1. Improve Guest Check-in and Entry

Nobody likes waiting in line.

Check-in is the gateway to the rest of the attraction. Whether a hotel or a theme park, overcomplicated admission processes, will frustrate guests and negatively affect their experience.

RFID systems speed-up access control. RFID cards or wristbands can pre-authorise and sent out in the mail, allowing guests to self check-in on arrival.

RFID MagicBand scan

This gives your guests control over their check-in, can reduce staff costs and improve first impressions.

RFID cards or wristbands can easily be re-programmed on the fly via a POS if they are lost or stolen.

  1. Go Cashless

Put simply, RFID works like a contactless credit card.

RFID wristbands enable cashless payments, allowing guests to pay for drinks, food, and merchandise with a quick and easy ‘tap’. All without having to worry about handling soggy cash or carrying around a wallet.

Furthermore, the disassociation with cash that comes from using RFID wristbands results in an average increase spend per-head of between 15-30%.

  1. A Hands-Free Experience

RFID wristbands reduce stress. Freeing-up guests from carrying cash, keys, and credit cards allows them to enjoy resort facilities without a worry in the world.

So that they can focus on having fun at the attraction - increasing impulse spending on rides, restaurants, and retail.

This is something that Universal Studios Florida has invested heavily in at their third park Volcano Bay, which opened in 2017.

Tapu RFID wristband

Credit: Universal Studios Volcano Bay


Using RFID technology, their TapuTapu wearable band brings a new level of convenience with Virtual Line technology and lots of interactive enhancements throughout the park.

Guests can even touch their TapuTapu bands to totems around the park, to virtually hold their place in line. The band then alerts them when it’s time to ride. Talk about a VIP experience for everyone!

  1. Family Freedom

Allowing children to have their own wristbands for purchasing food and drinks, gives them a sense of independence.

RFID technology allows parents to set spend limits, or remove the option for payments, leaving it solely as a key for room and locker access.

RFID systems also offer ways of increasing child safety. A parents’ RFID wristband can be linked to their child’s, preventing minors from gaining access to certain areas or leaving a perimeter without their parents.

What’s more, our RFID wristbands are 100% waterproof – and can take on water rides, slides, showers, and even sunscreen lotion.

  1. Security & Control

Operators will see improvements in their bottom line because RFID technology eradicates the chance of fraudulent passes that negatively impact revenues.

The opportunity for theft and fraud is reduced when guests only need to wear a wristband. There’s no need to carry cash, credit cards or even a wallet.

And, just like a credit card, if an RFID wristband is lost or stolen, an RFID system allows easy cancellation and re-issue.

Parents will find comfort in the fact that if a child is lost, RFID wristbands can be used to determine the last location of the child.


  1. Make a Social Splash

RFID technology enables integration with social media. Visitors can choose to link their RFID wristbands to their social profiles and open-up a whole host of fun experiences.

Once linked, guests can post photos to Instagram, or ‘check-in’ on Facebook, all by tapping their wristband against an RFID touch-point.

This gives guests something to share socially with friends while providing free online advertising for your resort, or waterpark.

This gives guests something to share socially with friends while providing free online advertising for your resort, or waterpark.

Visitors can do things like shoot water cannons at other guests, and illuminate images in the volcano’s hidden caves.

  1. One Wristband to Rule Them All

The introduction of RFID at resorts has reduced the need for guests to carry multiple items for access and payment.

Now, credit cards, room and locker keys can be combined into one RFID wristband or card for the ultimate convenience.

Add to this, the ability to link social media profiles, and you have a trifecta of apps, all on your wrist.

Your operation and the experience of your customers is instantly optimised. And, when you provide guest satisfaction, your visitors come back time and time again.


  1. Data & Insight

With RFID present at your resort, you’ll have the ability to collect intelligent data and deep analytics.

You’ll easily discover how guests use, interact with and move around your attractions.

Helping you determine traffic patterns, dwell times for rides, and tap into undiscovered operational efficiencies.

With RFID cashless wristbands in action, you’ll also get smart data on purchases, allowing for optimised merchandising and concessions.

Data gathered from RFID system integrations is used to streamline and improve experiences for future guests.


The benefits RFID systems offer resorts, theme parks and practically any type of attraction, are staggering.

RFID Systems are advancing, and more companies than ever are offering these solutions to the leisure industry. This helps drive prices down for operators looking to take the plunge into RFID.

From cashless payments to line-busting access control, RFID wristbands at attractions are not the future, they’re the ‘right now’.

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2018 - New Products, New Brochure!

The latest ID&C brochure is out and now available to download. The brochure includes our new range of products and services available for 2018, including:

RFID CredentialsRFID Credentials
Classic festival wristbands with visible RFID tags, enabling compatibility with any RFID event solution, featuring access control, cashless payments and social media integration.

Fabric Wristbands
Fabric Wristbands
Woven or satin cloth wristbands, which are fully customisable and secure. Available with:
-Woven or printed serialisation
-Barcodes & variable data
-Pantone matched lock
-Glow in the dark thread (Woven only)
-Kimble tag

Lanyards and LaminatesLanyards & Laminates

Lanyards with a choice of clips and attachments including plastic, metal and retractable options. Often bought alongside event passes which attach easily to the end of the lanyard.

We provide a fully-customised, tailored service with fast turnarounds and competitive pricing. Our solutions can help better secure your events, reduce queueing times, capture data more easily and manage cashless payments.

Get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable sales team to find out more about ID&C's services or to request a quote.

Call us: +44 (0)845 450 7085
Email us: [email protected]

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5 Ultimate Security Wristband Features For Event Organisers

Our customers frequently ask us 'what are the best security wristband features?'

Event organisers want to make sure that nobody can copy their wristbands and get unauthorised access to their event.

Why? Because oversubscribed events can be dangerous if safe capacity is exceeded.

And, it can result in a bad experience for guests that have paid to attend, which can have a knock-on effect on revenue loss, a revoked license and ultimately the end of your event.

OK, so this is a worst case scenario. But this is why security is so important for events, and one element of a safe and secure event is the event wristbands.

When it comes to security features there isn't a 'one size fits all' option. Every event is different and therefore has a different set of requirements.

We're going to show you 5 of the most popular security wristband features.

1. The Wristband Lock

security wristband locks

What is a wristband lock?

A wristband lock is a small clasp (or toggle) that fastens a wristband to its subject's wrist, preventing its removal.

Every security wristband has a lock which, by its very nature, is secure. But, like everything in life, people want options. Here are ours:

  • The Barrel Lock: a plastic tube (or barrel) that slides one-way onto a fabric wristband. The lock has 2 layers of plastic teeth which grip the fabric material when pulled back, preventing the lock from sliding in the opposite direction, thus loosening the wristband.The 'Barrel' as we wristband folk call it, is by far our most popular security lock. It combines convenience, security and value for money. It is also our most tried and tested lock, and has gone through numerous iterations, with our latest version touted as 'the most secure wristband on the market' by one of our clients.The Barrel Lock is easy to close, even when there are thousands of people waiting at your gate. It does not require a closing tool and is not labour intensive.
  • The SmartLock: a plastic hinged clasp with a metal pin, designed to pierce a fabric wristband and prevent removal.This lock only works in conjunction with 16mm wide woven fabric wristbands, but when applied is extrememly reliable and robust. The SmartLock does not require a tool to apply, but is not recommended for audiences of more than 10,000 people, as it can be labour-intensive to close the locks in large quantities.
  • Metal Ring: This is a classic, yet very reliable closure made from aluminium. The aluminium ring is crimped with a tool and when closed, tightly pinches the two ends of the wristbands together. Although this lock requires a tool it is still a favourite among large music events and is known for its reliability.
  • The Loop Lock: a socket and stud lock that loops over a fabric wristband and fastens into a pre-punched hole.
  • Socket & Stud: The kind of lock used on all of our vinyl wristbands. Once secure, it can not be removed without being destroyed.
  • Self adhesive tab: This is the type of fastener used to secure our Tyvek wristbands and Chroma wristbands.

What about re-usable locks?

Reusable locks wouldn't normally make their way onto a list of security features. But, some events actually encourage sharing of wristbands and others simply do not have a requirement for controlled access.

2. UV Wristbands

UV (ultra violet) is one of the most commonly asked for security wristband features.

What is UV? Ultra violet is actually a type of radiation produced by the sun or synthetic light sources like sun beds.

Sounds scary. But, in the world of print and wristbands, the term UV is a kind of a slang term for something that 'glows in the dark'. The glow is triggered by a UV light, (sometimes referred to as a black light) that is often found amongst the lighting arrangement in nightclubs and festivals.

At ID&C, we provide two variations of UV wristbands.

1. We can weave special UV treated threads into any of our fabric wristbands. This is a great security feature that is very difficult to replicate, especially in a short space of time.

To validate the wristbands as genuine, have your security staff and gate staff carry a small black light. The lights usually fit in a pocket and run for days on a couple of batteries. You can get them on Amazon.

2. We can print UV ink onto vinyl wristbands and Tyvek wristbands. This enables our customers to add security features across their entire accreditation.

3. Security Foils & Holograms

Printing a security foil or hologram onto a wristband is a great way to increase the security and prevent fake copies.

What's the difference between a foil and a hologram? 

Put simply, a foil refers to the material used, whereas a hologram refers to the visual effect created. Foils can have a holographic effect though, but holograms are typically made from ultra thin layers of plastic.

holographic foils

Customers can have foils printed onto Tyvek wristbands. Or, they can have custom holographic stickers made for applying to vinyl wristbands.

There are also plain metallic wristbands with a holographic effect.

4. Barcode Wristbands

Printing a barcode is a basic, yet fool proof method of improving accuracy with access and identification.

It is very common these days to see barcodes used on concert tickets. In fact, some ticketing companies only provide digital tickets, which are only validated with a unique bar code.

Taking this tried and tested technology, and applying barcodes to wristbands helps an event increase its security as well as its operational efficiencies.

Barcode wristbands

Wikipedia describes a barcode as "...an optical, machine-readable, representation of data; the data usually describes something about the object that carries the barcode."

For an event wristband, the 'data' and 'object' would be the 'ticket details' and 'ticket holder'.

In 2014, barcode wristbands were used to speed-up arena access for the 50,000 fans at the Isle of Wight Festival. The same technology was also used to link children's wristbands to the contact details of their parents, in case they got lost.

Bar code wristbands can be made in Tyvek, vinyl and fabric materials.

5. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

rfid wristbands

RFID is the latest and most high-tech feature available on a security wristband.

The benefits of RFID technology for events is widely commented on. Eventbrite, a popular event ticketing company, does a great job of describing the benefits of RFID in this blog post.

The three main applications of RFID technology for events are:

  1. Cashless Payments - With RFID, event attendees have the facility to pay for goods via an RFID wristband that can be pre-loaded with credit and topped-up or connected to a credit card.Food and beverage vendors use small contactless terminals that enable users to tap their RFID wristbands to activate and authenticate a purchase.

Using cashless payments at events can increase on-site spend by 35%

2. Contactless Access Control - In this scenario, an RFID wristband can be used in place of a traditional printed concert ticket. Details like ticket type, name and access are stored on a back-end RFID system, and authenticated by tapping a wristband against a scanner.

3. Brand Activation - Using RFID technology, event organisers are able to connect attendee's social media accounts with their event wristbands. Via digital photo booths fitted with RFID scanners, festival goers can do things like share their experience in real time without having to use their mobile phones.

This provides event organisers with the ability to extend the promotion of their event beyond those attending, and in real time.

We work with industry leading RFID companies to help integrate our RFID wristbands technology at all kinds of events.

RFID technology can be embedded into all of our core wristband types, but is most commonly an additional feature of a fabric wristband.


No two events are the same, which is why our customers can choose from a wide range of security wristband features.

From UV print to RFID cashless payments, adding more security will improve the operation of your event.

Improving the experience for your attendees generally means they are more likely to tell others about how awesome your festival was, or how quick it was to get in.

Improved security + better operations = Happy people & more tickets sold


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Infographic: The History of UK Music Festivals

So here we are again, it's the Monday morning after a somewhat politically charged Glastonbury weekend, and as we snip off the wristbands and re-adjust to life in the office (with a very strong coffee in hand) it got us thinking. Just where did the festival scene we know and love today come from?

We may go to music festivals for a number of reasons, be it the artists, beer for breakfast or elaborate fancy dress, but it's the distinct sociopolitical movements in the 1940s and 60s that dawned the first music festivals as our infographic below illustrates. 

History of UK Music Festivals Infographic:



If you enjoyed these festival tips and think they would be useful to your own website audience you can feature the infographic and checklist. Please feel free to use the embed code below:

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London’s Best Music Festivals 2017

With another British summer just another the corner, it can only mean one thing – music festivals galore. That means it’s time for wristbands, polaroid snaps, sunnies (or maybe wellies), and so much great music.


For some of this year’s finest music festivals, look no further than London. Who needs a field in the countryside when an A-list line-up and whole host of fun is just a tube ride away? We’ve compiled a list of 2017’s best music festivals in London, including when and where they’re happening, as well as the must-see acts.

1.     Steadily becoming one of London’s most popular music festivals, Field Day hosts some of the world’s first-class alternative acts, from promising indie artists and dance producers to quirky pop and folk musicians. To keep spirits high all day, the event will be supporting local charities and micro-breweries, as well as hosting a games area for non-musical entertainment.

When: Sat 3rd June 2017     Where: Victoria Park, London    Artists to watch: Aphex Twin, Flying Lotus, Whitney

2.     For the fifth year running, Hyde Park is hosting British Summer Time. With some of the biggest names in music – from Kings of Leon to Justin Bieber – the event now gains as much publicity as Wimbledon. BST is putting on a jam-packed week of theatre, movie nights, live radio broadcasting and tennis screenings. There’ll be trendy pop up bars and street food stalls too.

When: Fri 30th June – Sun 2nd July & Thurs 6th July – Sun 9th July 2017     Where: Hyde Park, London    Artists to watch: Justin Bieber, The Killers, Kings of Leon

3.     Set to wow the crowds for another year running is one of London’s coolest festivals, Lovebox. With a line-up that includes Frank Ocean, Chase & Status and plenty of heady acts, Victoria Park is the place to be this July. This will be a weekend to remember with games, ping-pong and karaoke, as well as one-off vintage boutiques and body-art designers.

When: Fri 14th - Sat 15th July 2017    Where: Victoria Park, London     Artists to watch: Frank Ocean, Chase & Status, Jamie XX

4.     Doing things differently, Citadel Festival is bringing a full day of music and fun to Victoria Park in July. On top of a fantastic line-up that includes Foals and Laura Marling, Citadel brings plenty of arts-orientated entertainment, as well as great food and booze. As if that wasn’t enough, this year’s festival will include a spandex dance-workout zone.

When: Sun 16th July 2017     Where: Victoria Park, London    Artists to watch: Foals, Bonobo, Laura Marling

5.     Head to Clapham Common this August bank holiday for a weekend of dance music at South West Four. The biggest DJs will be booming out big-room house, electro, techno and trance, and legendary dance acts such as Pendulum will perform live. If you can’t make it to Ibiza this summer, this festival promises to be the next best thing.

When: Sat 26th - Sun 27th August 2017    Where: Clapham Common, London    Artists to watch: Pendulum, Deadmau5, Tinie Tempah

6.     Set to be its last after a successful fifteen-year stint, the Secret Garden Party plans to go all out this July in Cambridgeshire – only a couple of hours from London. Sticking to its themed tradition, this year will be embracing a ‘celebrity’ theme. They’ll also be hosting a spiritual playground, scientific talks and creative workshops. We can see why the organisers wanted to keep this festival under wraps!

When: Thurs 20th - Sun 23rd July 2017      Where: Abbots Ripton, Cambridgeshire     Artists to watch: Metronomy, Crystal Fighters, Toots & The Maytals

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Grass Roots Festival Bursary 2017 Winners Announced

Winner of the 7th ID&C Grass Roots Bursary Announced

grass-roots-winner-samphire-festivalNow in its 7th year, you’d think it would get easier to choose a winner however as always, the competition was strong and the decision was tough. After much conversation and deliberation at the ID&C HQ, independent music and arts festival Samphire has been selected as this year's ID&C Grass Roots Festival Bursary winners!

We were bowled over by the number of applicants this year and the diversity of every festival was astounding. We’re truly inspired by the efforts everyone goes to, to make their festival a success.

Award winning Samphire festival tipped the post to win the £2500 prize after impressing us with their drive to engage their local rural Somerset community and to educate on environmental responsibility and sustainability, through initiatives that include a beach combing litter collecting exercise led by charity ‘Suffers Against Sewage’.

Co-founded by couple Flora Blathwayt and Josh Beuachamp, Samphire Festival is set to take place on the stunning coast of Exmoor National Park this July from the 7th-9th July. Their ethos is “to bring great art and fun people together in a beautiful corner of the world”. Sounds good to us!

Organiser Flora said "When ID&C called and told us we’d won the Grass Roots Bursary it was the most cracking news and such a fab confidence boost to know that someone believes in us. Thank you so much ID&C Wristbands".

Josh added “We couldn’t afford festival guides last year which was a real shame as it’s something a lot of festival goers (including myself!) really love but winning this bursary will enable us to bring them in which makes us very happy".

Sending a huge thank you to all festival organisers who applied to the Grass Roots Bursary during this busy time of year and we wish you all the best of luck with your events this summer.
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Win £250 Amazon Voucher with ID&C

Tag Your Wristband in Action to Win

All you insta-loving festival goers out there listen up! Accreditation & access control company ID&C is offering a £250 Amazon Voucher to their favourite Instagram wristband photo this summer.

To be in with a chance of winning, all you need to do is:

  1. Follow @idcwristbands
  2. Post a photo of your festival wristband in action and share on your personal account using the hashtag #idcwristbands
  3. Kick back and wait to hear if you're the lucky winner!


Enter by 15/09/2017 and we'll announce the winner shortly after. The lucky winner will be contacted via Instagram.

Best of luck peeps!

 Now for the boring but important bit, the full T&CS:

ID&C Share + Win £250 Amazon Voucher Giveaway Terms and Conditions

1. Terms and conditions - ID&C Instagram competition. To participate in this competition, users must share their wristband image on Instagram using the hashtag #idcwristbands

This competition will run until 23:59 on Friday 15th September 2017. Entries made by direct reply to this T&C page will not be accepted.

2. There will be 1 winner who will be selected at random after the competition deadline of 11.59pm on 15th September, who has fulfilled the criteria in 1) above. Entries made after this point will not be counted.

3. The contest is open to residents of the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) over except for ID&C employees, all contractors and families or anyone directly connected with the organisation, and operators of its brands and concessions.

4. The prize is a £250 Amazon Gift Voucher that can be used online at https://www.amazon.co.uk/ only.

5. If you are the lucky winner, you will need to provide your email address, contact phone number and home address as instructed at the time of being announced as our winner.

6. We reserve the right to provide an alternative prize of equal or greater value in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

7. Only one entry per person will be accepted. In the event of multiple entries being received from the same Instagram account, the first entry only will be accepted.

8. No purchase is necessary, however you will need an internet connection and access to Instagram. No refund may be claimed for expenses incurred in participating in the promotion, including in relation to the use of the internet.

10. The prize is non-transferable, non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for any cash alternatives in whole or in part.

11. The winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize from the date that they are announced as a winner. After this time we reserve the right to select a new winner.

12. The decisions of the promoter are final and no correspondence will be entered into.

13. By taking part in this promotion, all participants consent to us collecting, storing and using their personal data submitted with their entry for the purposes of this promotion.

14. Any personal data relating to participants will be used solely in accordance with current UK data protection legislation and will not be used for marketing purposes without the individual's prior consent.

16. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. You are providing your information to ID&C and not to Instagram. By participating in this promotion you agree to a complete release of Instagram from any claims.

18. Winners may be required to participate in related publicity without further reward. E.g. provide a short statement about their win.

19. The promoter reserves the right to withdraw or amend without notice this promotion in the event of any unforeseen circumstances outside of its reasonable control.

21. This promotion is subject to Instagram’s terms of services which can be found at: https://instagram.com/about/legal/terms/

22. Promoter:  ID&C Ltd. (Co.Reg.No. 3093337) whose registered office is at Unit 1 Decimus Park, Kingstanding Way, Tunbridge Wells, TN2 (“ID&C”).

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