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How to design custom fabric wristbands for your wedding

With the summer wedding season just around the corner, our team of wristband designers have set out their top tips for creating the perfect custom wristbands for your wedding.

Why wristbands?

Why wedding wristbands you ask... Well over the years we've had the odd request or two for people wanting wristbands for their wedding as favours or just for fun. However, this year we've been swamped with enquiries from brides and grooms-to-be wanting to make their own festival-style wristbands for their big day. Some of the people we've spoken to are going the whole hog and having a festival themed wedding, we even found one couple that had made their own festival wedding website, with a line-up and everything!

Well, you get the picture. Festival-style weddings are hot right now. So, without further ado, here are our top tips for designing custom fabric wristbands for your wedding.

Tip 1 - colour scheme

Any organised bride will have chosen her colour scheme way before she's even engaged! Once the colour scheme is in place, every other detail should complement your scheme. So before you start designing your wristbands, choose colours that won't clash with your scheme. Our fabric wristbands can be woven in eight different colours, but that doesn't mean you have to cram it full, in fact some of the best designs we've seen are ones that use colours subtly. Take a look at this one:

Custom wedding wristbands

Tip 2 - Choose your wristband type

Now you've settled on the right colours, it's time to choose the type of wristband. We have a few different types of fabric wristbands, each with a different means of locking. Now, unless you are actually having a real festival wedding with thousands of people, you probably don't need to worry too much about which lock you choose, unless you're expecting wedding crashers!

What you should think about, is having a wristband lock that's easy to close, this means children and elderly guests will be able to easily lock the wristbands and keep them on throughout your special day. We have a few easy-to-close wristband locks; take a look and choose your favourite.

Tip 3 - Choosing the right font

You've picked the colours, you've chosen your wristband style, now it's time to get designing. Being designers ourselves, we hate being told what we can and can't do but one valuable tip when design on wristbands is to consider the typeface and weight of your chosen fonts. Wristbands are woven, and even though we can weave just about any design, it's still best to avoid very small, fine fonts. Here's an example of a good font for weaving. (You can download the design templates for each wristband on our product pages under the specification tab)

Wedfest wristband

Tip 4 - Get creative

Remember to have some fun with your designs. Be quirky, cool and funny. It's the little touches like this that people remember and the great thing about your wedding wristbands is that your guests get to keep them as a memento of your day.

Thanks for coming

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Thank you to Anna Clarke Photography for the first three photos.

Originally posted April 18, 2013

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