ID&C are continually exploring other ways which we can be more sustainable and Eco-friendlier. From recycling packaging and reducing our plastic usage to introducing new ranges of Eco-friendly products we are working to find greener solutions to our current processes and products.

We have a range of eco-friendly options for all our popular products allowing events to maintain the level of security needed but in a more Eco friendly and sustainable way.

Eco Friendly Wristbands
Our Recycled PET fabric wristbands with a bamboo lock are our environmentally friendly solution to the classic festival wristband. Made from recycled plastic bottles, these bands can be fully personalised and come with a secure bamboo barrel lock as standard.
Our Litter free Tyvek wristbands offer a sustainable alternative for 1-day events. These bands feature a non-removable tab resulting in less waste than our standard Tyvek bands.

Sustainable Lanyards
Recycled PET lanyards are an ideal sustainable alternative to our standard full colour lanyards. They are Eco friendly and made from recycled bottles, they can be fully personalised and have a high-quality smooth finish which makes them ideal for promotional activities.
Our Biodegradable Bamboo Lanyards are made from a certified bamboo material. Comfortable, soft and durable these biodegradable lanyards are suitable for any event.

Eco Friendly passes
Our recyclable passes are 100% waterproof and punched with a hole to attach to a lanyard. Printed in a CO2 neutral printing press to further decrease the effect on the environment.
Paper event badges are a budget friendly option for guests attending conferences and events. Printed on 350gsm card with an environmentally friendly lamination these passes are a good option for single day events.

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ID&C will continue our work to create greener solutions for our customers, limiting our use of plastic, recycling materials and exploring more CO2 neutral processes to become a more eco friendly company.