If like us you’re extremely excited about the festive season and you are planning to throw an extravagant Christmas party, then we hope this blog will be worth reading - especially if you want to make it Instagram-worthy!

Here are our 8 top tips on how to throw an Instagram-worthy Christmas party

1. Picture worthy setups

You really want to make your Christmas party stand out from the crowd on Instagram, so be sure to get the right setup for the perfect snap! Remember to get a pic of the neon signs, inspirational quotes and fun backdrops you are using! Nobody wants to see you and your mates stood around the living room sofa!

2. Get your light right

As much as your friends on Instagram don't want to see you and your mates around the living room sofa, they don't want to see those photos taken by using that dodgy living room light you said you were going to get fixed 3 months ago. It's Christmas! Go all out and get yourself some softboxes and ring lights to mark the occasion! (This may sound OTT, but it's definitely worth it - trust us!)

3. Have the 'right' guest list

The perfect party can't be complete without the perfect guest list. Just be sure that you pick the right people to make sure your party is the best one in town! Do you really need to invite the mother-in-law who will complain about the decor? The cousin that you haven't spoken to for three years, who is actually three-times removed? Or the next door but one neighbour? Thought not. Be sensible with the guest list to ensure a great time for everyone.

4. Have a dress code!

Why not shake the season up with a dress code? Looking for something sophisticated? Get your guests to come suited and booted. Something a bit more relaxed with a few friends? smart casual or even casual is good way to go. If you're feeling it, you could even go for fancy dress! Either way, make sure your guests know! There's nothing worse than your best mate turning up in jeans and a t-shirt to your more "high class" event, or making someone feel a bit 'odd one out' being the only person in a dress!

5. Get the bar right, colourful cocktails and inventive names to hashtag later

It's worth spending a few nights on the run up to your Christmas party thinking up some eclectic Christmas-themed cocktails for your guests to enjoy! Make sure they're colourful with imaginative names to really get the hashtags trending. After all, everyone knows how to make a Martini! Let your creative side loose, the more colourful and crazy-looking, the better in our opinion.

6. Get the Polaroid camera out!

Polaroid pictures aren't just for weddings and birthday parties, nor are they a relic of the past! A good polaroid snap can really add a layer of excitement to your party, and at the end of the night (or the next day if you're up for it) you can take a wonderful collage shot of all the pictures of the night before!

7. Download the right filter apps!

Don't be caught short when you're taking those selfies. Make sure they pop by using the right filters on your camera! No longer do you need to worry about the odd colour scheme you had in your house when taking those pictures! Here's a list  of the ones we recommend:

  • Atmo (People are loving this app at the moment!)
  • Airbrush
  • Unfold
  • PictapGo
  • Huji - Khloe Kardashian is big on this app at the minute! It gives your camer a disposable camera filter - straight from the 90's!

8. Remember to take a Boomerang for Insta Stories

Don't forget to take a few Boomerangs to upload! How else are your fans going to see your wicked dance moves, or the awesome lights you put up on the tree? Or even your sparkly sequins on your Christmas party dress!

And finally...

As it's the season of giving, we thought we'd give you one more top tip to really finish off that Christmas party vibe. Snap that wristband! That's right, make sure you give your guests a memento they can remember with a customised wristband, or Christmas themed wristband.

Have a great holiday season, and most of all, remember to have fun and be safe!