ID&C, suppliers of RFID wristbands and accreditation joined a panel of industry experts to discuss cashless payment technology at the Eurosonic Noorderslag conference.

Entitled 'Cashless Payments at Festivals', the hour-long seminar delivered insight from panelists covering different areas of live event production and RFID technology.


The technology providers

Paul Pike of Intelligent Venue Solutions and Serge Grimaux from Intellitix gave a snap-shot of the current capabilities RFID technology can bring to a live event environment, explaining how promoters can leverage contactless payments to ramp up revenue and achieve greater transparency over vendor's takings.

ID&C's Steve Daly delved deeper into the data-mining aspect of RFID, revealing that if promoters bolted-on more modules to their RFID platform, the data they could obtain would be deeper and more valuable to brands - enabling events to attract sponsorship deals to cover the cost of the technology.

Steve described the three key applications of RFID at a festival as contactless access control, cashless payments and social media experiences, collectively dubbed as #TheRFID3. Each RFID module drills down into different consumer data, resulting in a rich customer profile. Each time an RFID or NFC wristband is used to get access, make payment or interact with social media, festival fans are releasing valuable data.

TheRFID3 slide 1

TheRFID3 slide 2

You can see all the slides from the presentation here.

The promoters

Fruszina Szep (Sziget, Hungary) and Cyrill Stadler (Open Air St.Gallen, Czech Republic) voiced the opinion of the festival promoter, both sharing their experiences of RFID technology. Fruszina gave a candid account of how Sziget Festival started with a trial and has now come to use cashless payments around its entire arena. She said "Using cashless technology at Sziget has given us greater control over our income and created transparency with our vendors."

Cyrill Stadler of Open Air St.Gallen festival ended the panel on a poignant note saying "I believe it is not a quesition of if, but a question of when every festival in Europe will be using RFID technology"

In the UK, cashless technology has been used at the Isle of Wight and BarclayCard Wireless festivals last summer.

ID&C will be talking about RFID technology at the By:Larm conference in Oslo, Norway on Feb 14th. Click here for more details.