Cashless RFID wristband tech at Rock in Rio

Cashless RFID wristbands in action with Intellipay. Image:

This week, ID&C has announced a strategic partnership with Brazilian-based wristband providers PasseVIP in an effort to take its RFID wristband technology to the South American event market.

The venture follows a successful trial at Rock in Rio festival last summer, where 40,000 of ID&C's RFID wristbands were used to make cashless payments.

"We have partnered with a business that not only has an established presence in South America - a territory that is incredibly tech savvy - but is also a competent company, capable of helping us service the increasing demand for RFID." says ID&C's Steve Daly.

Antonio Bindi of PasseVIP adds, "Amongst many other benefits, the technology enables patrons to visit festivals without the need to carry a lot of cash - an added safety feature for the public. In addition to this, the use of RFID will get festival fans in faster, increasing the opportunities for sales revenue."

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