Hurrah, it's not too long to wait and see what santa has brought us! With just over a week to Christmas Countdown,  you're probably hearing helpful Christmas tips such as: give your house a "deep clean", send final Christmas cards and buy your non-perishable food staples etc. Whilst this is all sound advice, here at ID&C we're sounding out more interesting, out-the-box festive tips!

Wine Elf

How fancy are these little dudes! They will be an instant hit at your Christmas get-together and thankfully, are easy-peasy to make. Just cut felt into an 8x10 rectangle and some faux fur into a triangle roughly 2 inches wide by 4 inches long. Wrap felt rectangle into a cone shape, securing the edges with fabric glue as you wrap. Glue the faux fur "beard" to the inside of the felt "hat" and finish with a small pom-pom "nose." And they are good to go!


Festive Nails

Some might say coordinating nails to match the holiday season is too much, but not us! There are tons of original tutorials out there, it's too hard to choose one. Snowmen and snowflakes? Candy cane stripes? Or gold and glittery...whatever you decide, share your efforts on our social page as we love to salute originality at ID&C! Here is a snippet of those that nailed it...(Oh yes, pun intended!)



Fill Your Own Bauble

Want to create your own winter wonderland inside your home? This bauble from (£4 for 6) is a perfect start. Fill your clear glass bauble with twigs, feathers, sweets, glitter...anything you fancy to make your Christmas tree unique and interesting! Of course we had to go with a festival wristband theme. Give to a friend as a brilliant memento of your summer!



National Christmas Jumper Day

Every year people take part in Christmas Jumper Day across the UK and this year it will take place on Friday 16th December.  Workplaces and schools will be taking part in the day to raise money for Save the Children. All you need to do is sign up at, and donate £2, or £1 if you're at school.

Share a selfie of your novelty woolly and we will pick our favourite!



The Christmas Album

Chestnut's roasting on an open absolute classic! A yuletide anthem no less. Rumour has it that the song was written during a blistering hot summer. In an effort to "stay cool by thinking cool", the most-performed Christmas song was born. Who knew?



Next week we bring you (ahem, all together now) "The Final Countdown" Christmas blog! Love an 80's throwback.