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The Association of Independent Music's annual soiree, The AIM Awards returns this month to celebrate the achievements and contributions of some of the industry's most influential and prolific labels, artists and industry professionals. And, to show our support for such a great company, we've donated a set of custom printed laminate passes and lanyards to identify press during the event.

We love working with companies who strive to support the music industry, after all, without the music there'd be no fans, without fans, no festivals, without festivals... you see what I'm getting at.

Normally, I'd be too busy (forget) to give a little shout out to the people we've worked with but the guys at AIM shouted out to their 1000+ Twitter follwers and posted a pic of the laminates our designers so cleverly crafted.

printed laminate passesIt's nice to see feedback from our customers, but it's all the more sweet when they take the time to endorse us to their own circle of customers and in this case, their social network.

The rum-drinking, AIM event organiser, Kelly Bennaton even had this to say:

"We're extremely grateful IDC Band for producing this year's AIM Independent Music Awards passes. They look fantastic & we can't wait to hand them out on the night!"

[blush] - thanks for the kind words, Kelly!


If you fancy a indie knees up, then tickets for the after party are still available [main event sold out!] Visit for more info.