Want to add that VIP touch to your party and impress your guests with your own personalised party wristbands? In this blog post, we'll explain how you can make your own party wristbands using our wristband designer and we'll show you some of our favourite party wristband designs.

Step 1 - Choose your wristbands

There are three main types of wristband, any of which are perfect for parties.

  • Tyvek wristbands - a cheap paper wristband that is great if the party budget is tight. They're easy to design online and for just a few pennies more, you can add you own full colour logos too.
  • Vinyl wristbands - these are sometimes referred to as plastic wristbands, although the ones we sell are made of tough, quality vinyl. Try our glitter wristbands, perfect for that VIP touch.
  • Fabric wristbands - For the ultimate party wristband, go for fabric and make your friends jealous at the fact your party has the same kind of wristbands used by some of the biggest festivals in the UK.

Step 2 - Design your wristbands

When it comes to designing your party wristbands, you have three main options.

  1. You can go straight to our wristband designer and start designing right away. Remember, if you make your own wristbands online, you'll get free delivery!wristband-designer-image
  2. If you fancy yourself as a bit of an artist, you can download the wristband design template from the specification tab on the wristband product page.  (You'll need to have Adobe Illustrator to make your own designs).design-template-download
  3. If you're a little stuck for ideas and would prefer to order your wristbands offline, contact us and our design team will make them for you... for free!


    Once you're happy with your design, we'll start printing your wristbands while you finish the party planning!

A few of our favourite wristband designs

Here's a few wristband designs from the vaults to get your creative juices flowing.


Keep it simple and effective with a Tyvek wristband.

Sweet Sixteen Tyvek wristband

Get creative with colour on our vinyl wristbands.

printed vinyl wristbands

Or get flashy with a custom made woven wristband.

custom woven party wristband

What ever options you decide to choose, remember if you design your wristbands online, you'll get your wristbands delivered absolutely free. With ID&C, you'll also get the fastest turn around times in the UK.

Want more ideas? Visit our wristbands for night clubs and parties page.

Why not have a go with our wristband designer now?