Snowbombing RFID wristbands

RFID wristbands at Snowbombing

Snowboming, a unique alpine-set festival in the Austrian town of Mayrhofen has become the first in mainland Europe to use RFID (Radio frequency Identification) wristbands for cashless payments, access control and social media integration.

The technology was delivered by IVS and Quantum Card Services on behalf of Barclaycard and available to customers who purchased tickets for the exclusive Barclaycard Arctic Disco, held at the top of the snow-tipped Ahorn Mountain.

All Barclaycard Arctic Disco ticket holders were issued with RFID wristbands pre-loaded with 20 euros redeemable at the mountain top bars. As well as contact-less payments, the Barclaycard PayBands, provided by RFID wristband specialists ID&C, granted access to the cable cart (the only way to get to the exclusive gigs) and enabled fans to post comments, check-ins and photos to their Facebook accounts.

The 5000 capacity event marks the first time an integrated RFID technology solution has been deployed at a festival in mainland Europe, and with temperatures averaging minus 18 degrees, it's probably the coldest RFID deployment ever too.